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In loving memory of Julius Accoty Ouseb

2022-04-11  Carlos Kambaekwa

In loving memory of Julius Accoty Ouseb

Carlos Kambaekua 

Death has struck again, chalking off one of the most prominent home-based political activists Julius Accoty Ouseb, famously known as “Twice” amongst his vast circle of friends and comrades in the struggle for democracy from mother planet.

A Jack of all Trades, Bro Twice will be best-remembered for his unwavering fight against racial oppression during the dark era of the much-despised South African apartheid regime. 

Birthed on the 22nd of March at Windhoek’s Old Location, the muscular, streetwise and dreadlocked fellow was steadfast in his desire to see the playing field levelled, and gallantly fought racial discrimination alongside his equally determined comrades in the Swapo political party. 

An uncompromising political cadre, Bro Twice was amongst the leading mobilisers for the militant Swapo Party, to the extent that he became a prime target for incarceration. 

In his bid to escape the wrath of the trigger-happy hit squad, the cunning Bro Twice silently slipped out of the city of bright lights (Windhoek) to find refuge in the newly-born coastal mining town Arandis. 

Wearing many hats, Bro Twice was a mean fitness fanatic and took aspiring young boxers through the ropes in- between his busy schedule, juggling between dodging police bullets and playing live music. He was the frontman for the Old Location’s pop band Iron Tears, to be renamed The Gypsies Band in later years. 

Tellingly, Bro Twice was part of the now-defunct Pirates (Dolam) Sport Club’s delegation on their ill-fated marathon tour to Lüderitzbucht in 1968. The travelling entourage included football and netball teams, a concert troupe and a live music performing band. 

Upon their return from the southern harbour town, red-faced members of the team found themselves homeless after their treasured corrugated iron homes fell victim to the merciless jaws of municipal caterpillars during the forced removal from Windhoek’s Old Location. 

On the musical front, Bro Twice was one of the much-adored lead vocalists in the business, fronting the Gypsies pop band with his unique gravel voice, which always had revellers in absolute awe. 

He astonishingly bewitched the crowd during the historic battle of the bands’ festival at the pack Katutura Community Hall in 1975.

Bro Twice effortlessly cut his teeth through the lyrics of Dr Hook and Medicine Show’s hit song Sylvia’s Mother, which ultimately became his signature tune.

The successful festival was organised by the late South African migrant live music promoter Henry Xolele Sidman, featuring local bands Ugly Creatures, Chicitto, Baronages, Dead Wood, The Poppets, Children From Pluto (CFP), Gypsies and the amazing three-piece Osibisa rock band from Lüderitz, spearheaded by the energetic John Ayeb English on lead guitar and vocals.

Sadly, the constant beating at the brutal hands of the South African hit squad finally took its toll on Twice’s muscular frame, with his health condition starting to take a nosedive. A fully-fledged recognised Namibian war veteran, Bro Twice retreated to the cool comfort of his home in Golgotha, where he lived a quite life until his final days. Nonetheless, the brother enjoyed a last hoorah of his amazing musical journey when old musos unexpectedly turned up at his 76th birthday party with live music performances to put a simle on his face. 

The Sigera Jazz and Fusion Band entertained the ailing brother with some breathtaking golden oldies, going down memory lane that saw Bro Twice shed a tear of joy in appreciation of the gesture by fellow musos. Little did we know that would be the last encounter with the much-adored political activist-cum-musician. 

Barely a month after the spectacle, Bro Twice succumbed to illness after losing a long battle against throat cancer.

2022-04-11  Carlos Kambaekwa

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