• August 4th, 2020

In management, understanding people’s skills is important - Ockert Jansen

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK – Understanding or gaining people’s skills especially if you are in a management position is very important. “Speaking to people like they are people is crucial, respect them so that they can respect you. I feel asserting oneself in a professional role is key,” said Ockert Jansen, The Deputy Director of Public Relations in the Office of the Judiciary.

Jansen was sharing his journey with Youth Corner, touching on the corporate world, he has served in the capacity of middle and senior management within of different organisations and now tapping into the justice/law industry.

As a Namibian youth, Jansen said it hasn’t been a walk in the park serving on Executive Committees (Excos). “I found challenges in serving with the older colleagues in organizations that I have worked for. I have learned and realised that when one has to lead teams that are much older than you, people look at you and see that you are young. Being the person that I am and dealing with that are older than me at a management position doesn’t mean that you need to assert yourself onto the people,” he told Youth Corner.

Jansen, 35, said that one doesn’t have to be rude be heard or to lead others. “My strategy was to make people confident of my ability because if people have confidence in your ability and skills, there is in an automatic set of respect that they will have for the work you do,” Jansen justified.

He advised young managers and others, in general, to not just manage, but to lead. “Leading from the centre is my philosophy of leadership. I roll my sleeves up and get my hands dirty, I don’t just delegate, I show people how things should be done and allow them to do it themselves,” he outlined.

Jansen hinted on the need for opportunities to be given to people in order to learn. “Give people the opportunity to learn. Let them grow into themselves and position as well as the skills set they would like to have, that’s what I have been trying to do as a manager and leader for the past 11 years,” stated Jansen.

The tricenarian has been in the industry for 17 years in total, which he has been contributing to the progress and capacity building of organizations he has worked for, including the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) as Head Corporate Affairs and Commercial Marketing Manager and has also served as Executive Producer for the youth and entertainment sections. “I was instrumental at a time when Namibia and the world were migrating from analogue to digital television,” said the firm and gratified Jansen.

The Masters of Arts graduate from American University (USA) has worked at the National Commission for Research Science and Technology (NCRST) as the Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing. “After that, I moved to the Business and Intellectual Property Authority (Bipa) as the Manager of Marketing and Corporate Communication where I also set up the department,” said Jansen.

Having a keen interest in media law, policy and regulation, with a focus on the Southern African region, Jansen is currently the Deputy Director of Public Relations in the Office of the Judiciary. “My role as the deputy director is to ensure that I uphold the image of the judiciary at all levels of the Supreme and High Courts and Magistrate Court level'' he summarised.

Asked on whether he is content with where he is in life, Jansen said he always had a five-year plan. “I always plan five years ahead. I have always had a love for the law, so this is a perfect portfolio that I am in,” he concluded.

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