• April 18th, 2019
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Independence preparation in full swing


Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya-Preparation for the 28th Independence Day celebrations are in full swing with only 9 few hiccups remaining to be ironed out, the Governor of Oshikoto Region, Henock Kankoshi told New Era. By Friday the organising committee will hold its final progress meeting. The day is to be celebrated in Tsumeb Constituency at Oscar Norwich Stadium. “All committees are ready and almost done with the arrangements. We are therefore honoured and excited to host an event of such magnitude, taking cognisance that it is the first time it is being hosted in the region. Therefore, I would like to assure the public our preparations are at an advanced stage,” Kankoshi assured the public, as the big day draws closer. Kankoshi could, however not provide an estimate of how much is likely to be spent on the jubilee, though there were initial media reports suggesting the event could cost N$20 million. For those who want to attend but have been wondering how they will get to Tsumeb, the governor said there are transport arrangements being made for each constituency. “The councillors have already submitted the lists to the committees indicating the pickup points in each constituency and how many are likely to be taken. The councillors are now busy informing the community members on the arrangements and the pickup points,” he said. “I am therefore extending an invitation to all the residents of Oshikoto and the country at large to come and attend this memorable event. In the same vein, I would like to caution drivers to adhere to the traffic signs, speed limits and drive carefully so that they can arrive and return safely. We do not want to record any fatalities during the course of this event,” he urged. He also used the opportunity to highlight some notable developments the region has attained since independence, such as more secondary schools and health facilities being built, while potable water was provided to various communities. MTC network coverage was extended and new towns and settlements were established. “Before independence there was only one main pipeline from Ondangwa to Omutswegwonime, but now various communities have been connected to this pipeline and many of them now have access to potable water, although more still needs to be done especially for those mainly in deep rural areas. Also, a number of roads have been established to connect various places, and more recently we have been witnessing some schools and communities being electrified. So, these are just some of the achievements which one can say we are enjoying in independent Namibia, because back then, many were not privileged with what we have now,” asserted Kankoshi.
New Era Reporter
2018-03-13 09:44:47 1 years ago

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