• July 23rd, 2019
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Industry Loop: 2018 belongs to N.A.M.I.B.I.A

What if 2018 is the year we move away from lip service to action? Instead of publicly professing “local is lekker” and talking you actually move towards consuming Namibian content? I always find it weird how these “local speelie op my tv nie” type of people ask for a selfies when they see Dalton Ashikoto, Blanche Goreses and Ixa! What if instead of booking a South African, you move towards booking a Namibian? Its 2018 and you want to tell me Namibian content still does not have market value? For many years we heard event organisers hide behind the “It’s not quality” or “they are not crowd pullers” excuse. If Namibian content is not quality, please explain how Ali That Dude managed to be a headline performer at a Youngsta event that had Kwesta on the line up? Or the Katutura movie that was the subject of endless international awards? Or how about Stanley Mareka that is competitively going head to head with dancers in Europe? Or if we are talking crowd pullers, explain the insane numbers people like Big Ben always manage to get? Or Sally or Kalux who on her own can fill a whole hall? Come on man. Lets learn from the Omarion experience togoba. For some reason event’s organisers are still stuck in the past. Book Namibians. Imagine a Hip Hop show with a line-up of Jericho, Kanibal and Snazzy? Or a Gospel show with Levite, D-Naff, Maranatha and Moritz? Or a house show with Dj Xavi, Dj Houvas, KFC dj’s, Chesta HousePrince and a few kwaito groups to dance? With MC’s Paul Da Prince, Webster, Che the Goddess and myself? Heck, imagine an all-female line up of Sally, Oteya, Adora, Lioness and Female Donkey? Omes? Hou op man. Come on fam. You are underestimating our influence to fill your venue and ability to entertain your market. Instead of running to South Africans for every small thing, book Namibian entertainers. We can do an equally good job if not a better job than most of these South Africans. Last year at the Kongoma Dance Competition, a South African dance group was brought in to challenge Namibia’s Hozala’s finest. Honestly, if you were at that show, saw that South African group dance and judged according to your knowledge of Hozala’s finest ability…you’d know that Hozala’s was going to slaughter that South African group. 2018 belongs to Namibians! My plea to event organisers and the corporate world…Namibian musicians, MC’s, actors, dancers/choreographers, film makers etc. CAN DO THE JOB! Trust us. We got you! Let the bookings begin! Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”! Oldie of the week: Unknown Division-Knights of the nineties NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind (twitter)
New Era Reporter
2018-01-26 10:49:27 1 years ago

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