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Industry Loop - Sports +  Entertain-ment = W!

2021-03-19  Staff Reporter

Industry Loop - Sports +  Entertain-ment = W!
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News that league football will return in the country on the 17th of next month got me excited for a number of reasons. Firstly, I love football. Moreover, I love Eleven Arrows FC. I’m a baainaar ... what did you expect?! Tigers? N**ga please! 

The sad part though is that no spectators will be allowed in stadiums due to prevailing Covid-19 restrictions. But what does this have to do with arts and entertainment? EVERYTHING! Herein lies an opportunity for creatives. 

The bond between sports and entertainment is as old as time. As creatives and entertainers, we’ve been hard hit by the pandemic and the restrictions as a result. We’ve been forced to explore different avenues. Its opportunity galore with league football making a return on April 17th.

It’s a known fact that Namibians do not pack stadiums. Not even for the so-called big teams like African Stars, Black Africa and Orlando Pirates. The only instances where a stadium is filled to capacity is when the Brave Warriors are playing. 

Why is this? Why is it that people do not go to the stadiums for league football? Well, believe it or not ... one of the reasons highlighted by pundits, critics and the general public is that Namibian football and the entire atmosphere at a league game is painstakingly boring. 

The old guard at the NFA house would be very offended by this but for us to grow ... we need to entertain certain truths that may be unpleasant. You cannot market a product that bores people. Dear creatives and entertainers, BORING is our trigger word. Where there is boredom ... there is money! 

Yes, no spectators will be allowed but what is stopping entertainers and creatives from teaming up with any of the 12 clubs that will be competing in the transitional league? Black Africa, Blue Waters, Citizens, Civics, Eleven Arrows, Julinho Sporting, Mighty Gunners, Orlando Pirates, Tigers, Tura Magic, Young African and Young Brazilians may not know it ... but they need creatives and entertainers. 

As entertainers and creatives, we need to submit those proposals TODAY! Do these clubs have theme songs? And even if they do have ... they are probably old AF! The last time my favourite team, Eleven Arrows had a theme song, is when I was in grade 10! Dude, that was 100 years ago. It was Michael Owos-Oab with the vocals and production. 

Do these clubs have a hype MC that can hype the team before a game at halftime? Do these clubs have choreography for their goal celebrations? Do these clubs have engaging social media presence anchored by a graphic or social person? Do these clubs have someone dedicated to capturing their visuals? 

Do these clubs have a songwriter that will write and compose songs for them that they can sing in the locker rooms? 

Dear creatives and entertainers ... money has your name written on it in the world of sport. Get to it, TODAY!

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM.

Need an MC? Contact NSK for a quote at 

@naobebsekind (Twitter)


2021-03-19  Staff Reporter

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