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Industry Loop - DJSoso DESERVES

2021-08-27  Staff Reporter

Industry Loop - DJSoso DESERVES

DJ Soso was supposed to be a millionaire by now! He is supposed to be living in luxury – a few double-storey houses with a few German-engineered vehicles. But the way the Namibian society is set up... we, mos, don’t want to support our own. And when I say do not want to support, I mean we do not want to support financially!

We expect creatives like DJ Soso to help you with his material for free! Honestly, I never understood how Namibians never want to pay a creative for their work but will never walk into Shoprite with the expectation to walk out of that shop with items for free. Another reason why DJ Soso is not enjoying his millions could also be the lack of reward systems for creatives in this country. 

When internationals or expats ask you to list five of your greatest Namibian DJs of all time, DJ Soso is supposed to be on everyone’s list! I may not agree with how DJ Soso goes about his work – talking (screaming actually) – over songs, but you cannot deny that the man has created a style so unique that it has taxi drivers and ‘tates’ all over this country listening to his material for hours. 

DJ Soso might not be on the line up of the coolest events in the capital, but you will not deny the fact that this man has influence and an immeasurable power. 

I may not agree with some of the things DJ Soso says on his recordings, but you have to applaud his ability to fuse politics and business with entertainment. 

I actually think if Tate Shangula or Ome Hage deliver the Covid-19 stats or the state thereof the DJ Soso way, we might have a Covid-19-free Namibia. Or if Tate Shangula or Ome Hage uses the DJ Soso’s way to get people to vaccinate, we will reach herd immunity in no time! 

DJ Soso deserves his flowers. DJ Soso deserves his millions! DJ Soso deserves a lifetime achievement award! DJ Soso deserves a double-storey house and a few German-engineered vehicles. Who’s with me on this one? #DJSosoDESERVES. Let’s get this going. Let’s honour this man who makes our taxi trips annoying… AF! 

Like King Tee Dee said when he was still The Dogg... you can’t ignore. You simply cannot ignore DJ Soso! DJ Soso should be the official DJ at the next Independence celebrations! 

DJ Soso... we see you and we appreciate your deurmekaar guterse! #DjSosoDESERVES!


Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM                       

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2021-08-27  Staff Reporter

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