• August 4th, 2020

Industry Loop: A dummy guide to theatre


There are quite a number of productions coming up in the next month or so. You might get to attend one (preferably, all of them togoba) of the productions coming up. There’s a few things theatre bosses want you to know about theatre. Hence today’s dummy guide to theatre. First things…time! I’ve said this time and time again…time is very important in theatre. It’s important for the people staging the production, it’s important for you attending the production. You cannot be late for a production. Theatre is like a movie. You cannot start watching a movie halfway through and expect to understand the story line. You need to watch it from the beginning to get the full picture. It’s exactly the same with a theatre production. Every single movement on that stage, every line, every word and every emotion executed by the actors has a purpose. So be on time for a theatre production. Find your seat. Get comfy and get ready to be entertained. Secondly, your cell phone is a BIG NO! Theatre productions on average last no longer than 50 minutes. I’m sure you can ignore your phone for 50 minutes. Don’t answer a call during the staging of a production. Don’t text during a production. Don’t take pictures during a production unless you unable your phone camera flash. But still, you will end up annoying the next person with your constant picture taking. Phones can be a huge distraction for actors. Remember, every single detail is important to enable you to understand a play. If a phone rings in the audience, it will confuse an actor and the rest of the audience who might think that was part of the play. Lastly, do not walk in and out of a production. If you have a bladder problem, don’t drink! Your walking in and out of a production can be so distracting for both audience and actors. Look, theatre is a different but beautiful world. It’s live with real emotions. It’s insanely intimate. Because it’s live, real and intimate, all the above don’ts will help you have a complete experience. With cinema, the above rules might not be a big deal. But theatre is not cinema. Its theatre. Do you think you can abide to the few don’ts? As for do’s…well, it’s simple. Yes, we want you to react to what the actors are portraying. Actors love it when you react to what they are saying. It gives them an unbelievable measure of confidence and energy. Yes, bring a friend along. Don’t be selfish now. Theatre is such a beautiful experience. You cannot want to experience it alone. Share it with that girl you’ve had your eye on for a while. That crush omes. Yes, you can take a selfie or two with the actors after the production. Its harmless fun. So enjoy it…theatre is different but a beautiful experience! Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”! NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind (twitter)
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2018-07-20 10:20:20 | 2 years ago

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