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Industry Loop - An Ode to Gazza

2023-06-02  NSK

Industry Loop - An Ode to Gazza

Some would call what I’m about to express your classic textbook case of ‘dickriding’. 

The woke and smart ones will disagree and rather have you know that in 2023, real recognises real and as a result will never be shy to heap praise on another man and give him his flowers where applicable. 

In this case, Gazza deserves his flowers. I’ve written about Gazza since 2014 covering a host of topics. I’ve criticised him but at the same time, I used the same energy to recognise and highlight his moves. This edition of Industry Loop will be one of many still to come when it comes to the subject - Gazza. 

Gazza has proven to be an innovator; a brand that personifies what I preach week in and week out on this platform. Here is a man who consciously sits and gives attention to his brand.

 Here is a man who consciously sits and studies the game to such a point where he can identify opportunities. Research and development are something that I preach all the time on this platform. 

Gazza is a clear product of research and development. 

His attempt to symphonise his catalogue is mind-blowingly brilliant. As a pure music lover, I have to salute this. In modern-day Namibian music history, where have you seen a commercial artist take on a challenge of this magnitude? 

This is partly one of the reasons why I haven’t been excited about Namibian music in the last year or so. 

If you’ve been following Industry Loop for the last month or so, you’d know that I expressed how music in the country did nothing for my soul and that I took a conscious hiatus from listening to Namibian music for the past year or so. 

If you’ve been following Industry Loop for the last month or so, you’d also know that my love for Namibian music was re-ignited recently. Gazza attempting to symphonise his catalogue is exactly what I am talking about.

That’s that excitement and innovation that the industry needs. A majority of Namibian artists are stuck in this rat race of studio, record, release, perform and back to the studio again. There is no real innovation that would excite the market and the sponsor in general. 

I want to take this time to wish Gazza the best with his efforts to symphonise his catalogue. A real muso will tell you that it’s no easy task, especially working with the perfectionists over at the Namibian National Symphony Orchestra led by Alex Fokkens. 

Whatever happens on that stage tonight and tomorrow...history will remember Lazarus Shiimi. 


Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM


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2023-06-02  NSK

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