• March 30th, 2020

Industry Loop: Artists need to respect DJs

Last year, over the holiday, I had the honour of playlisting music at a friend’s wedding. At the wedding, a kwaito artist walked up to me and said: “Why aren’t you spinning my songs, bruh?”. Those were literally his first words: no greeting; no introductions, whatsoever. We’ve never even met in person. 

I replied and asked the homie: “Who are you, again?”. He was highly offended to the point where he went to the groom and demanded that “the DJ” plays his songs. An award-winning artist throwing a tantrum at a wedding where the focal point is supposed to be on the couple celebrating their special day.  

 I always felt Namibian artists, in general, do not respect DJs – be it club DJs or radio DJs. Artists simply do not discriminate with their lack of respect for the personnel and the trade. Namibian artists are a special breed, so waar. Namibian artists would demand that you respect them but they do not want to return the favour.  

Now in what world will that sit well with anyone? DJs (club or radio) are an important part of the process. DJs are important and should be treated as such. One of the reasons why we hear so much foreign content on radio and live events is because DJs downright feel disrespected, undervalued and unappreciated by Namibian artists. Why should a Namibian DJ make the effort to buy your album, spin it in clubs and other functions like weddings if you do not respect them or return the favour? How do you expect a DJ to keep pushing your brand but you do not want to return the favour? The nerve, kao.

There’s a select few who return the favour. From my observations, Oteya pushes Dj Preezy, King Tee Dee pushes Asserdeep, Gazza pushes DJ Shoza and Matongo Family pushes Dj 2Piece. Apart from the obvious mentions, I am yet to come across any disrespect from the artists I just mentioned. It’s a pity that they are being boxed in by virtue of “Namibian Artists” because of a few rotten apples. But that’s how life works. 

Majority of Namibian DJs do it for a living. That’s all they do – they DJ. Their lives depend on gigs. Their last gig will get them their next gig. What happens if this DJ spins your songs and the crowd does not feel it? 

What happens then? Will you Mr “Why don’t you play my songs?” help that DJ secure their next gig? Will you post something dope to your hundreds of thousands of followers pushing that DJ? Will you, at your next cooperate gig, recommend that DJ? F**K outta here, man. 

Of course, they won’t! A Namibian artist won’t because they are selfish and opportunists! They will leave you high and dry after having sucked the little relevance you had. Then they will jump on to the next relevant DJ and ride that wave until that DJ also dries up. 

I’ve been on DJs’ necks for the past two years about their music selection and the fact that they seem to play everything but Namibian. Mara, I understand now. it’s because of egotistic artists and their pure disrespect!  
Here is a fun fact... you need a DJ more than a DJ needs you. We have all been to events in Namibia. Namibian DJs can get away with playing anything but Namibian. Treat Namibian DJs better or the status quo will remain! 

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email naobebsekind@gmail.com
@naobebsekind (Twitter)


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2020-01-17 11:39:32 | 2 months ago


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