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Industry loop - Auditions?  Issa botch!

2021-07-02  Staff Reporter

Industry loop - Auditions?  Issa botch!
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Auditions in Namibia issa botch! Let’s call a spade a spade. Film/theatre directors already know who they want to cast in their productions. Auditions are but just a young spaza to whoever is financing the production. It’s just a formality.

It’s sad, yes, but that’s the reality. Why do you think you always see the same faces with Namibian movies and theatre productions? No disrespect to the actors who always manage to get these roles. Get your money fam! I’m an actor myself. I’m not interested in kumbaya. I’m concerned about securing my bag and scoring international roles. If it means you see this ugly, bearded Damara face in every be it. LOL!!!

But that should not stop me from pointing out the truth. The truth is - auditions in Namibia is n lieg storie. Auditions in other markets like the South African film/theatre industry, are legit. You genuinely stand a chance of landing a role if you are crazy talented, mad driven with child-like enthusiasm. It’s possible, ask Hazel, freaking, Hinda!  

But not in this land of the brave. But also, one cannot really blame directors/producers for wanting who they want, fam. If I was the director of a production, I’d want the freaking best to breathe life into my characters! The best comes with experience. As a director, knowing set life, I will not have the time to baby an inexperienced actor. Set life is too hectic and mentally demanding to be babying people. Hence why I do not really blame directors/producers for wanting who they want.

It’s pretty terrible for new actors, actually. But like I always say - the onus rests with you to prove your worth. When I started out, I was (still am) aggressive AF! I kicked down doors. I forced my way into very influential spaces. I worked my a$$ off. I delivered EVERY SINGLE TIME I got an opportunity. Professionally! Today’s new actors want sh*t to be handed to them. Today’s new actors want to be babied. Today’s new actors want to be on set with brands like Adriano Visagie, Odile Gertze, Maria Nepembe etc, but refuse to put in the work. It’s the strangest thing, honestly. 

One new actor, in a candid conversation at a function, tells me “NSK, can’t you guys give others a chance?” What? “Give a chance” ti? LMGA!!!!! FOH man. I honestly just laughed and walked away. I mean, how on earth do I respond to such entitlement? That’s why I always found it strange when certain quarters in the music industry would say sh*t like, Gazza must stop competing at the NAMAs and give others a chance. LMGA!!!!

Prove your worth and leave Gazza alone. Prove your worth and leave NSK alone. Prove your worth and hands off experienced actors. Work hard. Do something. But auditions in Namibia, botch!  

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM                       

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2021-07-02  Staff Reporter

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