• September 30th, 2020

Industry loop -  ‘Covid related art’

There’s just something about an authoritative structure that stifles creativity. Any structure for that matter. Art is supposed to be fluid. Something like acrylic pouring...where it just flows seamlessly with amazing results. 
Art is not 8 to 5. Art can’t and will never be honourable this and honourable that. Art becomes art when its devoid of all structures. Why do you think graphic designers or creatives of any nature struggle with deadlines? And how their work is substandard when structured into a “deadline” type of environment? Substandard is a very diplomatic word. Allow me to change it to WACK AF! It’s wack AF because it’s forced. You can’t force art. Again...acrylic pouring. 

Art in many ways is also supposed to be therapeutic for both the artist and whoever ends up consuming that piece of art. Boxing an artist will never yield the desired results. Art is supposed to be a diversion to this beautiful world...where you drown in a trance of happiness and tranquillity.

That’s why I cannot for the life of me understand why structures that govern art in the country are forcing artists to create “Covid related art”. Wtf is “Covid related art” omes? Wash your hands? Sanitize? Social distancing? PEOPLE ARE TYAAAD of hearing that chorus. If I am going to hear “wash your hands, sanitize and social distancing” one more time, I am going to puke! Its boring AF. Its monotonous AF. And these themed driven campaigns are always LAME AF! 

The idea should be to create art that will help people cope with the stress and anxiety this pandemic is causing. Bro, never in the history of any themed driven campaign has art created for that purpose gone viral. And it never will because it’s LAME!!!!! The only time I remember in the last 10 years a piece of art went viral (which was not even officially sanctioned) was PDK’s ‘We cele’. That was their own creation, created with their own time and comfort. It was not a “you MUST create a song for independence” situation. PDK’s ‘We cele’ was so damn cool that people would lose their minds when I would play it during my DJ sets at weddings or live shows. People will STILL lose it if I play that song at ANY function in ANYWHERE in this country. THAT is art. THAT is acrylic pouring...seamless, beautiful, and therapeutic. 
People are tired of Covid-19. People are anxious AF. People KNOW and UNDERSTAND what they need to do to safeguard. People DO NOT need their favourites to go write, paint, direct, stage, etc. “Covid related art”. If need be...let artists reach that level of acrylic pouring and create “Covid related art” on their own terms. Trying to dominate to an artist what type of art they should create should be declared a crime against humanity.

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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2020-06-19 18:45:28 | 3 months ago

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