• October 19th, 2019

Industry Loop: Dial a cab

So what’s the big deal with Omarion getting Dial-a-cab again? You really amuse me. EVERYDAY of your freaking social life you complain about how foreign acts get better treatment at shows to that of the Namibian ones. Everyday your sweaty palms blow vuvuzelas about how foreign acts either get paid way much more, get 10-star treatment from flights to accommodation while you just there dry AF. Now that Omarion gets Dial-a-cab, your same bum is on social media questioning why a big superstar like Omarion should be “subjected” to dial-a-cab for transport. Are you serious? No, like really, are you being, honestly speaking, serious right now? In my lonesome awesome life on this earth, I am yet to meet anyone who enjoys a slice of bread that have been buttered on both sides. Must be a very slippery and messy situation. When foreign acts get superstar treatment, you complain. When foreign acts get NORMAL treatment…you STILL COMPLAIN. Ano, what is wrong with your problem? Nou, wat nxa jy eintlik? I have the good sense to somer advice event organisers that are planning shows for the festive season, to not book your gah damn smelly loud mouth! I have the good sense to somer advise event organisers that are planning shows for the festive season, to book presidential suits for the foreign acts and have them transported Abuti Hatago style with all those protocol vehicles from the gavament #KhorixasAccent! I have the good sense to somer advise event organisers that are planning shows for the festive season, to yes…again separate your gah damn smelly loud mouth from the foreign stars back stage. Go stand there on the grass omes. Let the foreign superstars wait for their slot here in the white tent with comfortable sofas from Uncle Charlie’s pawn shop! Stop complaining! Jirrie! You got booked. You got transported. You got accommodated. You’re getting paid. You got to entertain. Go home and bank your money and smile in January while the rest of the country is grumpy! The fact that Omarion accepted Dial-a-cab as his mode of transport shows the homie got something you all ought to have, which is that humble spirit. How’s Omarion…worldwide superstar with millions and millions of fans going to be humble as that and your tiny brand that is surviving on family handouts kama wants to be a diva? N**ga please! Even Kendrick outchea talking about how one needs to be humble. Namibia’s entertainment industry is as tiny as Webster’s gah damn pinky! Chill the f*out and humble yourself. I understand that Namibians purposely tend to blur the lines between humbleness and weakness. Being humble does not mean you need to have people walk all over your brand. Hell nah. That’s not what I am saying. You know you’re worth mos? All I am saying is back your worth up with your work rate, proof of ethics. Homie if you haven’t done jack sh*t all year long, why must an event organiser pay you 10 grand and accommodate and transport you 10-star style? Nah fam. Get your three grand and be humble. SIT DOWN! There is nothing wrong with Omarion being transported in Dial-a-cab. It’s cost-effective and it’s decent. We are decent folks. This is not America. Don’t see things on American TV and think you must do it here. Maybe in America Omarion should not accept Dial-a-cab because the culture there is having Bentleys filled with thirsty hoodrats transport him. However TIA. This is Namibia. It’s downright expensive and just plain stupid to transport foreign acts like that! Unless they fly in their own vehicles at their own expense, until then, dial that damn cab event organisers! Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”! Oldie of the week: Erich Mahua-Tjevereye (2001) NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind (twitter)
New Era Reporter
2017-11-10 10:50:52 | 1 years ago

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