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Industry Loop - Drop season

2021-11-05  Staff Reporter

Industry Loop - Drop season
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It’s good to see Namibian musicians still continuing with the good old tradition of dropping albums in October, November and December, post the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) era. It’s always been the norm since the beginning of the commercialisation of music in this country that musicians would target the last three months of the year to drop music. 

There are quite a number of theories as to why these three months is a favourite period for Namibian musicians to drop music. Top of mind, and the one that is subject to heated debate till this day, is that October, November and December coincided with the call for entries by the NAMAs, with the notion that Namibian musicians targeted these months to drop to be eligible to apply for the awards. 

This theory of ‘making music for the awards’ never sat well with the artists themselves. So, to see artists dropping this year without the existence of the awards is refreshing. Refreshing because there was a lot of talk that the industry would die with the silence of the NAMAs. The second theory is that everyone is trying to capitalise on the ‘happy season’. Generally, Namibians are happier in October, November and December because well, matric farewells, year-end functions, bonuses and holidays! But here’s my counterargument to that...everyone is crazily distracted during this season. Ain’t nobody got time during this period, fam. Dropping during this period with the intention to have a December ‘hit’ basically says  you are so good that Namibians will ignore Afro-beat, South African music (House and Hip Hop) and general world music, and kamma jump on your bandwagon? Like you are that good? 

 Why subject your brand and your music to such pressure? I say, release early in the year. Give people an opportunity to connect with your music with no distractions. The chances that your music will fall through the cracks in November/December are as high as the Cannabis and Hemp Association of Namibia. Notwithstanding that, Exit dropped, Cassidy Karon dropped, KP Illest dropped, Female Donkey dropped, Roda dropped, Dice is about to drop and Emmanuel Rose is about to drop. This brings me to the original point that I was making...that it’s refreshing to see artists dropping music post-NAMAs. 


Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM                             

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2021-11-05  Staff Reporter

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