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Industry loop - Entertainers...ENTERTAIN!

2021-07-16  Staff Reporter

Industry loop - Entertainers...ENTERTAIN!
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I don’t understand the logic behind bashing entertainers for doing what they do best. Namibians are expecting entertainers to wallow in sadness and sing the song of ‘sanitise, wear your mask’ with every update, tweet, post, etc. I mean for goodness sake, we are a year and a half into this pandemic. Which MF does not know that they need to keep their hands clean and mask up? 

Why then on Beyonce’s earth is there this weird expectation for entertainers to sound like politicians? Entertainers are not politicians. Entertainers are entertainers. Entertainers in these tough times are supposed to be our comic relief. Entertainers in these tough times need to provide music relief. Entertainers are there to make us feel human. Jirrie!! I don’t understand how stupid we can be as Namibians at times, honestly. 

Even during the struggle for this country’s soul and independence, PLAN fighters and politicians in exile had music and other forms of art as a relief from the reality of war. Ask the founding father of this country if you do not believe me. 

That was actual war. Bullets and sh*t! No stability of any kind and straight-up racial oppression, and the homies still found the time to enjoy a good glass of tombo while listening to Jackson K! 

Today, we want to question newspapers for publishing and covering what entertainers are up to. ‘Don’t you have serious things to report on like Covid-19?’; ‘This newspaper has run out of news oshili’. ‘We are dealing with serious matters, we do not have the time for...’ I cringe every time I see and hear these types of comments. These types of comments demonstrate a huge lack of basic understanding and logic. What is shocking is that these comments constitute a majority. That’s troublesome. 

You cannot and will not expect an entertainer to wallow in sadness. You cannot and will not demand an entertainer to be all serious and boring. I am also not saying that entertainers must be dead silent on the realities of life. That’s where creativity is powerful. Entertainers can creatively create content that can still remind people of the dangers of not taking precautions during this pandemic. However, an entertainer will not be limited to that. 

Allow an entertainer to do exactly that...entertain without feeling guilty of doing what they have always been good at! If we all wallow in sadness, who tf is supposed to make us smile and perhaps lift our spirits? Sadness is such an exhausting emotion. Geez! Yes, we all have lost someone. 

We are all anxious. We are all dead scared! But do not forget that we are human beings! Human beings are multifaceted species that need an array of emotions to thrive. Happiness, laughter, joy, gratitude, inspiration and love are all positive emotions that an entertainer can evoke. Choose positivity and allow entertainers to do their job!   


Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM                       

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2021-07-16  Staff Reporter

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