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Industry loop - DJ + MC =

2021-06-18  Staff Reporter

Industry loop - DJ + MC =
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Now that the original Omes imposed stricter regulations as a response to the escalating Covid-19 situation, effectively ruling out events in the country, as entertainers we need to use this time to reflect and re-educate ourselves on a few things. 

One of the things we need to reflect on is the key combination of a DJ and an MC at events. It’s a combination that can make or break an event…a combination so key we are dedicating a whole conversation to it today. 

If there is no spark between a DJ and an MC, you will not have people tweeting about how great an event was. A DJ has the skill to creatively mix different songs. However, that does not mean that a DJ has the skill to talk. That’s where an MC comes in…an MC has the skill to re-energise a crowd. 

There are very few individuals in this country that can do both. A complete hybrid. I am a hybrid - I can MC and DJ flawlessly. Y’all are crazy if you thought I was not going to blow my own horn. Allow me to be that guy. Thank you. 

So, how do all parties concerned make sure the DJ and the MC vibe? How do all parties involved make sure the DJ and the MC have a connection so crazy that it will leave revellers yearning for more?

Two things...communication and respect. A DJ and an MC need to communicate during a set. The MC needs to give the DJ a heads-up on a few things. In a club setting, there will always be someone who would want a shout-out because they are celebrating their birthday. These things happen. You cannot run away from it. All an MC needs to do is give a DJ heads-up about factors of that nature.

As for respect...both professionals need to realise they need each other. Both professionals need to respect each other. An MC needs to know when to jump in and amplify things for a DJ. A DJ needs to understand and respect the role of an MC. 

If your DJ and MC sync communication and respect, an unbelievable experience will be the end-result! 


Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM                       

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2021-06-18  Staff Reporter

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