• July 12th, 2020

Industry Loop: Infinite disaster!

During my time at the coast last weekend I decided to check out on Saturday one of my favourite spots in the whole wide world, Infinity Lounge. Three words…NEVER EVER AGAIN. Bruh...the regret! Sigh…where do I start? 

Look, for years I have been preaching about the right way of going about things. I would list do’s and don’ts on this platform. I would go as far as awarding nightspots with a mention who followed my advice.  
I believe it’s important for club owners to want to care enough to come right with basic principles such as convenience, entertainment value and safety. Infinity Lounge was probably one place I’d trust to give my guests and me, a good time. Everything from the interior design, to music used to be top-notch. Keywords… ”Use to be”.

I have no idea what transpired with the spot behind the scenes but honestly, Infinity Lounge was a disaster over the weekend. So much so that I had to write about it. First things first, the cover charge at the door of N$70 was ludicrous. That was my first red flag. Usually for that type of fee at Infinity Lounge, one would expect a full-blown entertainment package that would include recognizable entertainment brands. 

I did not hear or see marketing to that effect. Which left me to wonder, what was the $70 for? Inside the lounge and the first thing that struck me like Operation Kalahari’s deadly bullets is the sound. 

The sound was horribly engineered. It’s as if the tops were not connected which left the base to do all the work. Wow, what an irritation that was on the ear. To top it off, the music the DJ’s were playing was awful.  
I am not so sure who was on because the DJ box had about 4 to 5 people looking like they all playing at the same time! They were playing deep house but it did not sound like they were making an effort to sync songs properly. 

So I tell myself, calm down NSK. Just get a drink and get into the vibe. You are being a grandpa right now. It took me 47 minutes to get the attention of a bar assistant. To which the lady took about 5 minutes to release my order. Basically, I stood at the bar for about 52 minutes. I need you to read that last sentence again…it took me 52 minutes to get a drink in Infinity Lounge. 

Infinity Lounge used to have bouncers stationed in the crowd. This time I only saw one and there’s only so much one bouncer can do. At no point in the past did I ever worry about my safety at infinity Lounge but Saturday night was something else. 

I had my lousy beer which FYI was warm (she actually told me that its warm) and left highly disappointed. 
Club owners would throw money at everything except the basics. The basics are sound, entertainment value and safety. Get those three right and you will be head above the rest. This is a stern warning to the rest of the nightspots in the country. 

Don’t take people’s money and time for granted. Give people value for money. Today its Infinity Lounge, tomorrow your spot will be on my hit list. 

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email naobebsekind@gmail.com
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