• September 22nd, 2020

Industry Loop:  It’s a wrap

You see in Namibia if you are not in my camp or if you are not my favourite, I will NEVER give credit where it’s due. I will never praise your work publicly. Never will I admit that your output and quality thereof is amazing and deserves a highlight. 
The reason is the misconception that if someone gets the spotlight, they will get more gigs. A pile of sewage manure...that’s what it is. There’s enough to go around for every entertainer in this country. 

Also in Namibia, we suffer from a condition I call Mzansibola. I’ve spoken about this before...but in case you missed it, Mzansibola is a condition in which Namibians automatically assume that anything South African is better than anything Namibian in every context. 
Another underlying symptom of Mzansibola is seeking validation from South Africa. A classic example would be what happened recently with Dj Dreas’ #5MinFinesse where initially Namibian acts and the ordinary Namibian didn’t give a donkey’s urine about this platform until Moonchild, Busiswa and other foreign acts started validating the platform. 

With that said, I would like to give credit where its due today. I’d like to highlight a show that I believe has for far too long been overlooked in this country. If satirical show “It’s A Wrap” on One Africa TV hosted by Erica Gebhardt was South African or Western, best believe everyone would’ve ranted and raved about it. But because it’s Namibian infused by this downright stupid notion that “no one is a celebrity” in Namibia, “It’s a Wrap” is not getting the love it deserves. 

If the show was validated by South Africans or any other international acts, people by now would’ve worshipped Erica and her team. I know of people in my circle who follow the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Saturday Night live, ZANEWS, and other foreign satirical shows religiously! You will see memes and short clips of what happened on these shows every day on social media and Whatsapp. 
The minute it hits home...its deemed surplus to requirements. “It’s A Wrap” is educative and funny AF! Can you imagine the work that goes into putting this show together week in week out with close to zero resources and stressful deadlines? 

I’m talking organising interviews with Government officials who do not understand satire or because it’s not NBC, won’t give you the time of the day. I’m talking sitting through hours and hours of scrolling, hoping to find anything that caught people’s attention on social media. I’m talking scripting, editing...etc. 

I’m sure “It’s A Wrap” hosted by Erica Gebhardt does not have half the resources shows like the Daily Show with Trevor Noah or other international satire shows have but Erica and her team still gut it out and put out a solid 20 to 25 minute show week in week out! 
Entertainers and fellow media practitioners...you will not lose a single strain of hair if you give credit where its due. Fellow Namibians, stop with the f**king double standards! Erica and team, you’re doing great. 

One last thing, Dear One Africa TV management...please brand the host’s name in the show. She deserves that at least. The show should be “It’s A Wrap” with Erica Gebhardt!  

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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