• July 3rd, 2020

Industry Loop:  Music vs Content  

If one takes away music from a radio station, what will be left? That’s my challenge to you today or until the next Industry Loop. As you listen to your favourite station for the next seven days, take away the music element and place super emphasis on content.  

What exactly is your favourite radio presenter bringing to you? Is it of any value? Did you learn anything new from your favourite presenter today? Did your favourite radio presenter inspire you to action? Dear listener…times have changed.  

We live in a time where you spend time on things that matter. Why would you want to spend time listening to a radio presenter that does not add value to you? Your expectation in 2019 from a radio presenter should be straight forward…value through excellence.  

If you are not listening to a radio presenter that adds value to your life, a radio presenter that has a cunning way of making you feel better and at the same time overloads your conscience with knowledge then you are listening to trash. Change to something better…today still! Gone are the days when radio was solely about music. It’s 20 and freaking 19. How is it kama still cool to have a radio presenter talk about music and only music? How does it add value to your life?  

I’ve always believed that radio should be an extension of the people on the ground. What is happening on the ground should be on full blast on the radio. I don’t blame people who say they do not listen to the radio anymore. Why are these people not listening to the radio anymore? They don’t listen to the radio anymore because they feel value addition is non-existent. Music should not be radio. Content should be.  

Anyone can get music from anywhere, anytime. There’s music on phones, music on USBs, music on TV…etc. However, life-enhancing information is rare in a time of fake news and propaganda. Not everyone has the time to sit through your typical 8’oclock news on TV. Not everyone will read a newspaper from front to back. However, listening to the radio is as easy as drinking water.  

The challenge is simple…mute the music and focus on the content your favourite radio presenter brings to the table. Rate them accordingly.

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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2019-07-26 13:26:27 | 11 months ago

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