• July 16th, 2019
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Industry Loop: My predictions: NAMAs 2018


If I happen to get any of the predictions wrong, kindly send me a mail as it has been the case for the past three years at i will not reply because this email does not exist@yahoo.com. FYI, I’m still sour about Best Musical Event of the year, Entertainment Dj of the Year, Entertainment Journalist of the Year, Live Performance of the Year, Song with a Message and Acapella! Best Male Artist of the Year: Last year I predicted Sunny Boy but Gazza took it. This man dropped five videos in a space of 12 months. He performs at almost every trade fair and music show. His album is a great success. What more does one have to do to win this award huka? Best Female Artist of the Year: Last year it was a catfight between Oteya & Adora but instead Monique English surprised all. It’s the quiet ones fam. I would’ve said Sally this year mara judging from what transpired last year, Ousi Eises! Best Album of the Year: Say: I correctly predicted for Pumumu last year. My winning streak will continue with Chikune. Which will cause controversy because self-righteous coconuts seem to think that if you win album of the year you are automatically supposed to win Artist of the year #FacePalmEmoji. Best Soukous/Kwasa: The first and only award for PDK tomorrow night. Best Single: No Hip Hop song for the first time in two years for this category. In that case, Numba Numba all the way! Best Rap/Hip-Hop: Jericho arguably had the most controversial win last year beating Young T’s “levels”. This year, all five nominees have incredible albums. However three were incredibly active throughout the year. Two nominees performed almost everywhere. Two have fantastic videos. Yoh! Both beautifully sampled. Both have insane views. But 1 stayed longer on my personal playlist. Three’s up omes. Best RnB: Baainaars stand UP! Another one for Antonio. Salvador! Best Oviritje: Triple T will make it two wins in three years! Best Newcomer: I correctly predicted Jaleel last year. The trend would’ve continued with RnB had Salvador learned how to answer his phone to get some gigs. As a result, Suzy Eises will get this one. Best Music Video: Last year it was the battle of the husbands (Kbozz vs Sula) and Sula won. This one is going back to Malaka Draai. !eshee! Best Kwaito: Exit will cement his status as the King of Kwaito. Best House: What has Doris done for this category since she won last year? Nxo. Even though the video is terrible, “Pangaman” will take it. Best Duo/Group: Lol. I really feel sorry for the rest of the nominees in this category for they know this one is going to Herero location #PropheticVoice. #Warakat Best Gospel: Isn’t it beautiful how this category has moved on from the dominating days of D-Naff? N.I.A (Hip Hop) 2016, Maranatha (Soul) 2017. This year, the diversity in Gospel will be celebrated with a win for Rodney Seibeb (Damara). Best Damara Punch: Ou Stakes will mark his return to the industry with this one. Best Collaboration: Hip Hop has been dominated this category in the last two years with wins for and Gazza. Despite KP’s commanding presence in this category, Ousi Eises will break that Hip Hop dominance over this category. Best Afro Pop (inclusive of Township Disco): Never has PDK faced such tough competition in the face of One Blood. Onjema is a fantastic song. Odikwa is a great album but lawd knows One Blood has one song and one song only that can make PDK’s whole album look like a joke! Best Afrikaans: This award will stay at the Warehouse with the Dessert Queen (Bradley last year). Song of the year: Why do I get the feeling that Sally will have a very heart breaking evening tomorrow? One Blood is literally giving all the heavy weights in this year’s edition a run for the money with ONE SONG bruh. Best Traditional: Another win for Otjiwarango, Maszanga! Best Producer: It’s going to be a bloody party with Mbapeua Mbaundamuje. One song guys…wow! Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”! NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind (twitter)
New Era Reporter
2018-04-27 11:17:24 1 years ago

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