• October 1st, 2020

Industry Loop - NAMAs prediction: weekend 3

My predictions last week ended in tears...LOL. I’m starting to think I’m not cut out for this. Thank goodness, I’m not into betting because, wuuuuuuug, I would’ve lost endless Hendriks by now. 
Last weekend, I predicted that Y’Cliff would win Best Single for his song: ‘Namibian Queen’ but Centerpiece ended up winning the category for his song, ‘Tonight’, which features Rehoboth rapper, Rush. 

Last week, I predicted that Effy would win the Best Gospel category for his song, ‘Muhona’, featuring the Healing Voices Choir but Maranatha stood up and said: “YOU MUST AKS!”. Best Traditional was another flop of a prediction, as I predicted Torshlam will take this category for his song, ‘Iteyiko’, featuring Buju Katyoko. Ou Billem scooped it for his song, ‘Ti-E’. My score? Zero out of 3. 
I’m going to have to step it up with my analysis. I need to merge myself with the judges and try and understand what it is that they would want in a certain song to warrant crowning. 

This week, we looking at humongous categories: Best House, Best Producer, Best Kwaito and Best Reggae. Best Kwaito and Best Producer has always been a bone of contention. It’s always been incredibly competitive and it always caused serious banter and drama. 
The nominees for Best House are Cool Under Pressure with ‘Sophia’, DJ Castro featuring Slickartie with ‘Shining Star’, House Guru Gang featuring Ees with ‘Bad Neighbors’, Jona Fullforce with ‘Mbwangula’, and Taylor Jaye featuring Patoranking and DJ Chin Chilla ‘Cashe’. 
This is a two-horse race between C.U.P and DJ Castro, though Ees might throw a spanner in the works, even though I feel this song is more of a dance/pop song as opposed to House. My final prediction? This award is going to Orwetoweni.... DJ Castro! 

The  nominees for Best Producer are Andrew Masipa for his work on ‘Made In Namibia’ by Ethnix, DJ Kboz for his work on ‘Lucky Girl’ by Sally Boss Madam, Hoppy Mwiya for his work on ‘Forbidden Fruit’ by Rose Blvc, Sam Niigungo for his work on ‘Faith & Favour’ by Kp Illest, and Solani Zulu for his work on ‘Grateful’ by PDK. Bruh, wow! I listened to every album in this category from the first song until the last and I didn’t skip. 
Ethnix found their sound with Made in Namibia. Sally reinvented herself with Lucky Girl. Rose Blvc announced herself with Forbidden Fruit. KP Illest proved he is more than rap with Faith and Favour, and PDK demonstrated their longevity with Grateful. My prediction? Hoppy Mwiya... prepare your acceptance speech, omes. The nominees for Best Kwaito are Big Jay-2 ft. Yamukongo (TKB) for the song ‘My Life’, Cassidy Karon for the song ‘Awe’, Exit for ‘Kondjifa’, Sunny Boy ft. Kotokeni for ‘Bad Neighbors’ and Tulisan ft. Haino for ‘Iyaalo Aano’. 
As an old fan of Kwaito, I give my stamp of approval to every song in this category. 

However, this is a two-horse race between Exit and Cassidy. This is an old school sound vs. the new school sound debate. Will Cassidy dethrone Exit or will Exit be crowned Kwaito King for the 3rd year in a row? Make no mistake; the kwaito sound has evolved in recent years. My final prediction? Cassidy will cause a major upset!  The nominees for Best Reggae are Erna Chimu for ‘African Woman’, Gerry Dread for ‘Conquerer’, Hedek featuring Kuku Sacky and Eddie for ‘Babylon’, Ou Billem featuring Adora for ‘Ama-/Nami’, and Rose Blvc for ‘Righteous’. 

This is another category with an old school vs. new school sound debate. The Reggae sound like Kwaito has evolved over the years. 
The question now is, will the judges stick to the traditional sound or will they give the new evolving sound a chance to shine? Just like Kwaito, I think the judges will keep up with the times. This award is going to Okahandja... Rose Blvc! One thing is for sure though... this weekend will be DRAMA!
Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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