• September 23rd, 2020

Industry Loop: NAMA’s predictions: weekend 1

NAMA’s predictions: weekend 1

The 10th Namibia Annual Music Awards starts this weekend virtually in a classic case of bittersweet with two insanely competitive categories, Best Afro Pop (Inclusive of Township Disco) and Best Collaboration.
Bittersweet because COVID-19 robbed us from that Live experience. Bittersweet because COVID-19 robbed us from LOLing at the organised chaos on the blue carpet. 
Bittersweet because COVID-19 robbed us from LOLing at outrageous outfits. Bittersweet because COVID-19 robbed us from LOLing at infinite blunders by the hosts. 
Bittersweet because COVID-19 robbed us from LOLing at disastrous category presenters - (SEE KNEW...lol). Bittersweet because COVID-19 robbed us from LOLing at weird acceptance speeches. 
Bittersweet because COVID-19 robbed us from rating excentric performances. Bittersweet because COVID-19 robbed us from another chance to have a go at NBC for their technical blunders.
Bittersweet because COVID-19 robbed us from the highlight of the evening...NAM Twitter! Damn you COVID! 
Be that as it may, be, the show must go on albeit virtually with artists ultimately the biggest winners at the end of the day. 10th-year bruh...final year nogals and COVID just had to do us like this. This was the year where people were really going to turn up. This was the year where everyone was going to be a showstopper. This year...was going to be thee one!
I’m sour but excited at the same time. This year’s categories are probably the most competitive in recent memory of the awards. Every category has at least 3 big songs pitted against each other. Quick side question...all these people that always cry that people should stop comparing artists on social...kama dividing the industry and whatnot, why are these talks silent with the NAMA’s huka? Double standards...the order of the day in this industry. 
This weekend the focus will be on Best Afro Pop (Inclusive of Township Disco) and Best Collaboration. Dude have you seen the songs that are going up against each other in these categories?! HECTIC! Let’s start with the Best Afro Pop (Inclusive of Township Disco) category. 
Blossom with Uvandje, KP Illest ft Ice Prince with Energy, Monique English ft. ESB with Red, Rose BLVC with Shadow, Sally BossMadam ft. Don Kamati with Center. For the first time in years... I’m a fan of all the songs in a category. 
“Uvandje” is a good song, “Energy” is a fun song, the quality of “RED” speaks for itself, “Shadow” is freaking amazing and “Center” is a hit! I’m sure the judges had a torrid time with this category. However, I believe this is between KP Illest and Sally. My prediction? Sally will dish out the L’s and grab this win. If you think Best Afro Pop (Inclusive of Township Disco) is lit...fam, Best Collaboration issa problem! Adora ft. Jayden with Sim Di A, KP Illest ft. Ice Prince with Energy, PDK ft. Top Cheri, King Elegant and Athawise with Saka, Bertholdt Mbinda ft. Kalux with Sofia and Kakux ft. Tate Buti with Ti Khoe. Tah...ouens? Every song is lit in this category. Insane combinations.
Mara this is between Adora and PDK. The collaborative efforts on both these songs are outstanding. I love both songs. My prediction? PDK will win this category. We would normally do a prediction for all categories at once because the ceremony would crown all winners at once. But there’s nothing normal about 2020. 
Winners will be crowned over a space of 8 weeks. Next weekend, Best single, Best Traditional, Best Gospel and Lifetime achievement award will be in the spotlight...again, bittersweet!

@naobebsekind (twitter) Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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@naobebsekind (twitter)

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