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Industry Loop - NAMAs predictions: Weekend 4

2020-09-18  Staff Reporter

Industry Loop - NAMAs predictions: Weekend 4

Weekend 3 of the Namibia Annual Music Awards was the definition of drama...wuuuug! Last week I predicted that Dj Castro will win the Best House category for his song ‘Shining Star’ featuring Slickartie and Taylor Jaye’s ‘Cashe’ featuring Patoranking and DJ Chin Chilla, a song that I did not even think was a front runner ended up surprising EVERYONE. Bruh...E V E RY O N E. 

My prediction for Best Producer was spot on. Hoppy Mwiya won the category for his work on Rose Blvc’s ‘Forbidden fruit’ album. Staying with Rose Blvc, she dished out L’s to veterans like Erna Chimu and Gerry Dread and won the category for Best Reggae as per my prediction. The conundrum that I believed at the time judges had on their hands they move with the times and award the modern-day Reggae sound that comes with Rose Blvc’s song ‘Righteous’ or do they stick to the traditional Reggae sound and award Erna Chimu or Gerry Dread. 
 Which brings me to my question as to why the judges opted to award Sunny Boy’s ‘Omazimo’ a song with traditional Kwaito elements as opposed to a more evolved sound that comes with Cassidy’s A’we’? Matter of fact, I thought this would be a two-horse race between Exit and Cassidy. My score.... 2 out of 4. 

This week, it’s Best Music Video, Best Group/Duo and the Special NAMA Award. Best Music Video is a tricky category because nominees and fans tend to think that it is about YouTube views...LOL. 
The nominees for Best Music Video are Dixon for the music video to ‘She has a man’, Joharetha for the music video to ‘Attata’, Kalux for the music video to ‘Kakasen’, Lioness for the music video to ‘Tala’ and PDK featuring Top Cheri, King Elegant and Athawise for the music video to ‘Saka’. Again, history teaches that the judges do not place emphasis on YouTube views. 

This is a tough category. Will the judges award Dixon’s ‘She Has A Man’ for its crips cinematography, Joharetha’s ‘Attata’ for the playful nature of the video, Kalux’s ‘Kakasen’ typical kasi vibe that predictably comes with the majority of his music videos, Lioness’s ‘Tala’ for its insane effort with fashion and world-class still shots or PDK’s ‘Saka’ for its soul snatching theatrical performance accompanied by amazing choreography which many have touted as the song and video of the year? 
Will this be 2019 all over again when literally everyone thought that Sunny Boy would get the category for Best Single with ‘Young, Wild and Free? but KK ended up winning with 'Khâimâ'? As much as this is a tough category with amazing visuals to each song nominated, PDK’s ‘Saka’ music video is simply on another level. My prediction? PDK will win this award. However, I will not be surprised if Lioness roars her way to victory.

 The nominees for Best Group/Duo are Cool Under Pressure, Ethnix, House Guru Gang, One Blood and PDK. Tah...ouens? Every single nominee in this category had a great 2019/2020. Every single nominee in this category dropped a fire album. Every album had a hit! The judges must’ve had an excruciating time with this category. Let’s narrow it to two. This is a two-horse race between Ethnix and PDK. I know, I screaming at me saying...”and One Blood”? 

One Blood is brilliant at dropping hits. However, can you really listen to their full album from track 1 to the last? Does the whole album have that crossover ability to non-Otjiherero parts in this country? I honestly do not think so. Ethnix and PDK have that crossover power. The versatility that comes through in their respective albums should count for something right? My prediction? Paige, Etjo..prepare your acceptance speech. DRAMA awaits us this weekend! Be prepared for huge shocks! 
Next weekend it’s Best Soukous Kwasa, Best Afrikaans, and Best Damara Punch & Best Oviritje. 

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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2020-09-18  Staff Reporter

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