• December 6th, 2020

Industry Loop: NAMAs predictions: weekend 5

My predictions were almost spot on last weekend. I predicted Ethnix would win the Best Group/Duo category but PDK ended up winning that category – and I predicted PDK for Best Music Video, and well, PDK won. It was a clean sweep for PDK. My score? 1 out of 2. 
Next weekend, it’s Best Soukous Kwasa, Best Afrikaans, Best Damara Punch & Best Oviritje. One word...D-R-AM-A. 
The nominees for one of the most unpredictable categories in the history of the Namibia Annual Music Awards, Best Afrikaans, are Antany Knows for ‘Houvas’; Berthold Mbinda for ‘Myne’; Joharetha for ‘Attata’; Ms Fabby for ‘Met My Hart’ and Priscilla, the Namibian Dessert Queen, for ‘Ek Is Vet’. 

This is a two-horse race between Joharetha and Berthold Mbinda. 
Joharetha is on her second nomination, as she lost out to PDK in the Best Music Video category. 
I think it’s going to be second time, lucky for Joharetha. Joharetha will take over from Vaughn Ahrens as the new face of Afrikaans music in the land of the brave. 

The nominees for Best Soukous Kwasa are Allen Jonathan ft. Savindjele for ‘Ufuku’, Blossom Queen ft. Sergio for ‘My Afrika’, Diop for ‘Charlotte’, One Blood for ‘Indee’ and PDK for ‘Inda’. 

This is another massive showdown between One Blood and PDK. The presence of 2017 Oviritje winner, Diop and 2019 winner of the category Allen Jonathan (beating heavyweights like Dj Siya, Tate Buti and Top Cheri and Msunday) makes this category a heavily contested affair! 

Will it be another successful weekend for PDK or will One Blood flex their muscles and claim this one? Perhaps Blossom or Diop will surprise everyone with a win? Or will it be Allen Jonathan two years in a row? 
My final prediction: it will be another successful weekend for Patrick, Dion and Kamtonyo. 

The nominees for Best Oviritje are Diop for ‘Banyana Ba Tricky’, Kuku Nkandanga ft. Diop for ‘Ami Mei’, Mulberry for ‘Kumaa’, Oc Bulan ft. P-Flat for ‘“/Gai Goro !Nans Di A’ and Otjinate for ‘Mbakavira’. 

The diversity, coming through in this category, demonstrates that the days of certain categories belonging specifically to certain tribes are gone. 

Be that as it may, the elements that constitute an Oviritje song still need to dominate. I don’t know what it is about Mulberry but I have a feeling she will cause a massive upset in this category. My official prediction: Mulberry will shake the Oviritje industry to the core with her win. 
The nominees for Best Damara Punch are Adora ft. Kalux for ‘Touch’, Dixon for ‘/Gui-!Nas’, Kaptein Tswazi ft. Oc Bulan for ‘Xawem Ko A #Khai !Na’, Lettie for ‘Ham-E A /Hon-Khoe’ and Ou Stakes for ‘/Usen Ta Tide’. Tah, ouens, this is a massive category with massive songs!
Dixon is the only artist to have won this category more than once. 
Dixon won this category in 2013 and 2015. 
Will he complete a successful hat trick of wins? Making him undoubtedly the undisputed and most influential Damara Punch artist in this country? It’s been exactly six years since Lettie dominated this category in 2014. 
Surprisingly, Ou Stakes has never won this category in the NAMAs era. Could Ou Stakes FINALLY cap an amazing career with a win? 
My official prediction: Adora’s “touch” featuring Kalux is just too strong of a contender. 

Ousi Adora will add to her Best Collaboration win next weekend. Again, one word, D R A M A! 

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!

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