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Industry Loop -  NAMAs predictions: weekend six

2020-10-16  Staff Reporter

Industry Loop -  NAMAs predictions: weekend six

I think I suck at predicting. I got another lousy score last weekend. “I’m starting to doubt my credibility as this country’s BIGGEST entertainment columnist,” said NSK, LIKE NEVER! 
On a real though, I got my predictions terribly wrong last weekend. 
I predicted Joharetha for Best Afrikaans but Antany Knows ended up winning that category. I predicted Adora for Best Damara Punch but Dixon ended up dishing out Ls, effectively making him the certified King of Damara Punch because he is the only artist to have won this category three times! Funny how he always insists on doing those RnB things. Embrace the Punch, omes. 

I predicted Mulberry for Best Oviritje but Oc Bulan gatecrashed and said “ musk aks”. 
Oc Bulan’s win is definitely top 3 of the biggest upsets in the history of the awards. Just so we are clear, I will never advocate for a category to be reserved for natives only. 
For instance, if N.I.A gets nominated for Best Damara Punch and the overall composition of the song is dominated by Damara Punch elements, why not? 

However, in this case, why this registers as an upset is because I feel the song that won Oc Bulan the award is simply not better than Mulberry’s ‘Kumaa’ or Diop’s ‘Banyana Ba Tricky’. 
At least my last prediction was spot on as I predicted that PDK would win Best Soukous/Kwasa and they did, a lousy score of 1/4. 
Hopefully, I will improve on my score this weekend. With that said, let’s look at Weekend Six of the Namibia Annual Music Awards.

The nominees for Best Rap/Hip Hop are Antany Knows for ‘Nightshift’, Cassidy Karon ft. Romi for ‘Chains’, Ghetto Ballerina for ‘Grind’, Lioness ft. Kenny K, Kp Illest & Skrypt for ‘Sauce’, ‘Wait’ – Lizz. 
First things first, Lizz’s ‘Wait’ does not belong in this category. 
“NSK, why are you hating?” “You’r breaking down the industry”; “You are sowing division”...blah blah blah. YAWN! We need to learn to be honest. 

Honesty is going to be the key difference between our entertainment industry hitting new highs and staying stagnant. 
Be that as it may, a female is going to win Best Rap/Hip Hop. The last time a female dominated this category was 2013 when Ru CuteGeek won it. 

The perfect scenario would have been for Lioness to win it because her industry best friends KP Illest and Skrypt took the award in 2018 and 2019, respectively – but, unfortunately, Ghetto Ballerina will spoil the trio of KP, Skrypt and Lioness’ domination over Hip Hop and win it!

The nominees for Best RnB are Alta Ouses ft. Djay with ‘Believe In Love Part 2’, Berthold Mbinda for ‘P.P (Gigalow’s Anthem)’, Ethnix for ‘Composure’, Lize Ehlers for ‘Always’ and Mr Andrew ft. Teqla & Page for ‘Special Feelings’. 
Alta Ouses is brilliant! Mara, she’s going up against RnB brands like Berthold, Ethnix and Lize Ehlers! 
This is going to be a contentious fight between Ethnix and Alta Ouses. 
Alta Ouses’s song represents that new school global RnB sound. Ethnix’s song represents a Namibian version of RnB. Will the judges go with the global standards or will they amplify the much-debated “Namibian sound” and award Ethnix? I think the “Namibian sound” will prevail.

The nominees for Best Pan African Artist are AKA ft. Kiddominant for ‘Fela In Versace’, Diamond Platnumz for ‘African Beauty’, Holly Rey for ‘Deeper’, Master KG for ‘Skeleton Move’ and Prince Kaybee for ‘Banomoya’ – all insanely big songs but hard to apply analyses with a voting category. You never know what people want. 
Final prediction: Master KG will take this one. 

The nominees for Song of the Year are Adora ft. Jayden for ‘Sim Di A’, – DJ Spuzza ft. Chester, Don Kamati, Mega and Chakie for ‘Soek Soek’, King Tee Dee ft. Diamond Platnumz for ‘One I Love’, PDK ft. Top Cheri, King Elegant & Athawise for ‘Saka’ and – Tswazis ‘Pray’ – huge songs! It is another voting category that makes it hard to analyse. 
It will all come down to who has been campaigning for those votes, the hardest? RTE records will secure their first award. 
Next weekend’s virtual staging of the NAMAs features Best Album of the Year, Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist and Artist of the Year... DRAMA!!

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!

NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email
@naobebsekind (twitter)

2020-10-16  Staff Reporter

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