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Industry loop - #Namibian MovieSeries

2021-05-21  Staff Reporter

Industry loop - #Namibian MovieSeries
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Why is it that Namibian movies and series productions get more recognition from pundits and people outside the country? Every other day, you’ll see a report about a Namibian production that won an award somewhere in the world. Everyone around the world sees and appreciates the Namibian content, except Namibians. 

Honestly, I just don’t get it. Why are a people, so anti-Namibian? I swear on my late brother’s grave...this is the weirdest sh*t ever! The common excuse I always hear from people is that Namibian movies lack quality. The people who say Namibian movies/series are manure are the same people who love and religiously worship Nollywood. And honestly, there’s no human on this planet that will convince me that Nollywood movies are better than Namibian movies, or just their quality. 

Their storylines may be engaging, yes, but quality? FOH man! The same people who say Namibian movies/series are not up to standard are the same people who worship Bollywood movies/series. Again, there’s no human on this planet that will convince me that Bollywood movies make sense. 

We have such an upside down way of going about our lives in this country. We are so anti-Namibian. What research and development have revealed is that in most cases, Namibians who say Namibian movies/series are terrible have never really seen a single Namibian movie/series. Which is weird AF! How do you reach a conclusion on something you do not know or have not consumed? 

How do you know pineapples on pizza are terrible if you’ve never actually eaten a pineapple pizza? How can you conclude that seafood is filth when you’ve never had any prawns or crayfish? It makes no bloody sense! 

At least criticise and reach a conclusion upon having consumed or experienced a product or service. This is why I want to challenge everyone who is guilty of passing judgement without actually having experienced a Namibian movie or series, to actually watch one! The opportunity is now with the Tala Namibia online film festival. Check out their website at, scroll, pick and watch. 

Namibian filmmakers, film producers, writers etc have put out impeccable material since independence. Watch a Namibian movie or series on the Tala platform, and come for me. I will be ready for a fight. #NamibianMovieSeries

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM

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2021-05-21  Staff Reporter

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