• August 13th, 2020

Industry loop - No compromise Part 2

Last week we agreed on a few things. We agreed on new standards. These are standards that we have set for ourselves and will be upheld by hook or crook. Standards that will help you get value for your money. You worked hard for your money and businesses that are privileged to benefit from your money need to understand that it’s exactly that...a privilege. You will not compromise the safety of your car by parking at a dodgy spot on a night out once society opens up again. If there’s no parking, that means that the club/lounge or bar has reached its maximum capacity and thus will not be of any value to you. Maximum capacity means longer queues at the counter, queues at the toilet. It means you have to squeeze through people. Nah fam. Move on. Find another club/lounge or bar. 

 You will not compromise your health by staying at a club/lounge or bar with manure infested toilets that are leaking. The mere thought of it makes me want to puke. Why would you put yourself through that? Or is stinking toilets your thing? That’s just how you roll? 
You will not compromise your ears by sitting through sh*t sound at a club/lounge or bar. Your ears are not supposed to hurt. That’s not sound, that’s clamour. Perfectly engineered sound means you will hear every single element of a song without compromising the health of your ears. Plus, you don’t have medical aid or your package does not cover a visit to an Otolaryngologist. So why sit through sh*t sound? You will not compromise on your safety by staying at a place where the security is not pro-active or security is none existent. Also, stay away from those “it happened outside the club and we are not responsible for anything that happens outside” type of spots. No sir, it happened at your spot, whether outside or inside... the fact is it happened while at your club/lounge or bar.

Part 2 is music. I cannot for the life of me until this day understand why people would stay at a place where the Dj is playing rubbish. What is rubbish? Rubbish is playing one genre the whole night. Rubbish is when there is a lineup of DJs and all of them repeat that one song. Rubbish is music that does not allow you to sing along. Rubbish is when you are not dancing. 

Dammit, isn’t this supposed to be a club/lounge or bar? Then why aren’t you dancing? Well, I don’t know...maybe the music is poor? I am hoping with the lockdown Namibian Djs do research. I am hoping with the lockdown a different but enhanced Dj culture will emerge. I am hoping that with the lockdown that DJs experiment with new and exciting combinations. I am hoping that with the lockdown, Djs from their research will come to understand that it’s not about them but it’s about your clientele. I am hoping that with the lockdown, Djs will understand their role as wingmen/women. Because that’s essentially what a Dj is. A Dj is a wingman/woman. 

If society opens up again and you find yourself at a club/lounge or bar where the Dj is playing terrible music, LEAVE! Don’t even try to go talk to the Dj because that is just asking for issues. No one should be talking to the Dj in the first place. The Dj must just know ouens. You deserve better. No compromise on the music. The music is an important part of a chill at a club/lounge or bar. It’s your money. You worked hard for your money. Again, if the music is nonsense...LEAVE! No compromise! 
Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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2020-04-30 10:53:17 | 3 months ago

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