• July 14th, 2020

Industry Loop - On the real though... 

The entertainment industry is hardest hit by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus aka Covid-19. It is wreaking havoc. Covid-19 is taking the soul of the entertainment industry and playing ‘amagoes’ with it. If you want to see the entertainment industry crumble into pieces like what the cookie monster does with its baked treats, take away its events. Events are the soul of the entertainment industry. That’s how most entertainers make money. From the MC, to the artist, to the Dj, the sound team, the lights team, entertainment journalists, bloggers, vloggers, radio DJs, influencers, dancers, bouncers/security, theatre, event management, and club/lounge owners. 

The moratorium on public events somewhat expected is taking its toll on the entertainment industry. Is the industry dead? NEVER. But it is on a disquieting and painful hold. Painful, because with events, it is how entertainers pay their rent. Painful because with events, it is how entertainers ensure groceries – not only for themselves but also for family back home. Painful, because with events, it is how entertainers survive – period!

 Though I am sure your average new age entertainer has learned from the past and has some form of money saved up – which is great – but because there are so many unanswered questions about Covid-19, how long do we expect your average entertainer to live off their savings? Expenses like rent, food and insurance, month in month out, is unquestionably going to suck the living life out of every single entertainer! 

This is bad. This is Michael Jackson bad. Can you imagine the after-effects of this outbreak on an otherwise frail industry like the entertainment industry – the strain it will cause? The depression that will be imminent? The mental f**k up?! Bro, you can be how healthy mentally, financial strain will drive you insane! 
The moratorium on public gatherings needs to be followed up with an economic stimulus plan that will benefit the entertainment industry. My plea to the powers that be is not to over concentrate on your traditional sectors like tourism and mining but to also look at solutions for the entertainment industry.

 Why is this key? Because the entertainment industry is home to thousands of youth. At a time where the youth were already unsettled and unhappy at the economic status quo in the country (even before the outbreak of the coronavirus), the last thing the powers that be need is the plight of the youth, hustling in the entertainment industry, to be ignored. 
On the real though, the entertainment industry needs your help. Help us. Let’s find a solution that will work both in favour of defeating Covid-19 and still maintain thousands living off the entertainment industry.
Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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2020-03-20 14:34:02 | 3 months ago

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