• July 13th, 2020

Industry Loop:  Politics (social realities) + Arts = WF!

If the name George Floyd does not mean anything to you... I BEG you to continue reading because you are ignorant AF! You are probably one of those “Namibians that should drink their water & mind their own business and not talk about American stories here” type of people. 
The cycle of black unarmed men dying at the hands of law enforcement in the USA should never be reduced to “its an American issue”. Yes, dynamics may change when viewed from a Namibian perspective but the issue remains the same...police brutality. Johnny Dauseb, Talent Fambaune, Mandela Ramakhutla etc. Do any of these names ring a bell?  Namibia has a genuine concern when it comes to police brutality. Journalist Emil Seibeb recently in a news report on NBC revealed that more than 500 cases were opened against police officers between April 2019 and March 2020. How is police brutality only an “American issue” again? 

Also, I would be very disappointed if you are, an artist in any form reading this and do not recognize the aforementioned names. It means you are out of touch with society. It means all you care about is talking about your new single, your new music video, and “support me” syndrome while your fans are drowning in social realities! It’s all you, you, and more of you.
It means that what I have been alleging all along is indeed true...that the majority of Namibian artists are self-centered, entitled, selfish and egotistic maniacs! As a matter of fact, the issue of double standards and hypocrisy comes to the fore YET again. I’ve seen a few artists share or retweet content regarding police brutality in the USA but never saw these entertainers voice anything regarding police brutality in their own country! 

Why do we shy away when it hits home? Yes, there are notable entertainers like Big Ben, Ees, King Tee Dee, Gazza, Oteya and others who have all established their stance on certain societal issues and publicly pronounced their political homes. But the majority of artists in the country become Stevie Wonder on the realities of society.  

There could be a combination of factors at play here. It could be that they have been bullied into the notion of “artists should drink their water & mind their business and not comment on politics or social issues”. It could be that they are scared of losing profitable associations and gigs. 
However, should these factors be enough to stop you from standing in solidary with the very same people (your fans) that make you who you are?  You will never ever be able to justify to me or any Namibian with a few brain cells that it’s ok that you to stay silent on matters affecting your fan, but yet somehow magically still want that same fan to come to your concerts, buy your album and request for your songs on radio while being gang-banged financially, dealing with racism and police brutality. 

 And If you are one of those people who bash artists for pronouncing themselves politically and socially...you are probably also one of those “the earth is flat...use your common sense” type of people. Entertainers by virtue of the power they have...need to lead these political and social conversations. Politics (social realities) + Arts = Winning Formula!! 
Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!

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