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Industry Loop - Predicting Simply You Magazine award winners

2022-09-16  NSK

Industry Loop - Predicting Simply You Magazine award winners

The Simply You Magazine, Lifestyle and Fashion Awards will take place tomorrow and as per custom, yours truly will predict who will win in each category. Unlike the NAMAs, the Simply You Magazine, Lifestyle and Fashion Awards are based on votes. There’s a lot of industry chatter about that but ultimately, that’s another conversation for another day. My job today is simple. I will identify who DESERVES to win their respective categories. Yes, these awards are about votes, I understand. However, we all know the most popular person may not be the most deserving.  It’s awards 101!

I too have been nominated for the Male Radio Personality of the Year. For ethical reasons, I am going to refrain from predicting this category and that of the Female Radio Personality of the Year. It’s MR4 to the sms line 33033 if you’d like to place a vote for me,! 

Personally, I am extremely proud of how far these awards have come since its inception. Helena Ngaifiwa and her team deserve ‘Omake’ for somehow keeping these awards alive with little to no sponsorship in a harsh economic climate.

Let’s start with the Makeup Artist of the Year category. My dream has always been to come across a makeup artist that makes it a point to work on men, in the process educating men about the importance of makeup and that it is not just a woman thing. On top of that, I will take into consideration the calibre of clients and whether this makeup artist has crossed the borders because of their work. Is this makeup artist able to work on a variety of skin tones? With that said, I believe Miss Jey Arts ticks all my boxes.

Photographer of the Year: A photographer that deserves this award is a photographer whose creativity is unmatched. A photographer that has the skills to capture motion and is not necessarily limited to people posing for a picture. I believe that that photographer is Augusto Bolas (Photo Booth). 

Fitness Personality of the Year should go to someone who understands that it is not about themselves but their clients. Your clients are living proof that you are actually transforming bodies and lives. I believe that person is Viina Kandenge.

Leon Engelbrecht deserves Accessories Designer of the Year. Leon’s work speaks for itself.

Emerging Designer of the Year needs to be Siuna Designs, simply because of their ability to be diverse with their designs. 

The Traveller Queen deserves Vlogger of the Year. She is your ordinary girl who documents her travel experiences. She is not trying to be a superstar or influencer...none of that nonsense. Her content is human, Namibian, and relatable. Plus, she is consistent.

The deserving in the Stylist of the Year category should be Nahends. The fact that Nahends is exceptionally diverse in her work, gets her that notch over everyone else in the category. 

One of the toughest categories up for grabs is the Best DJ of the Year. Everyone nominated in this category had a fantastic year and continues to achieve the unthinkable. But my final vote would go to DJ Alba. Alba has managed to look at her brand, revamp and adapt to today’s entertainment climate. Alba is not limited to one genre. She can rock any crowd in any setting. If not Alba, let it be DJ Dreas. But Alba would ultimately get my vote.

The TV Personality of the Year ultimately for me has to be someone that does more than just read the teleprompter. Someone that is natural at this. I believe Elago Shitaatala deserves this award. If not Elago, let it be John. However, Elago would get my nod of approval for this category.

Female and Male Model of the Year are the main categories. With these categories, I ask, if international scouts are to visit Namibia and ask who are your male and female models you can recommend to represent Namibia, I’d confidently recommend Michelle Mukuve and Albert Moses.

However, these awards are about votes. Let’s see what happens. May the man and woman with the most votes win, I guess!

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM


* Need an MC? I do not post naked pictures or have a 100k followers but after 10 years of MCeeing, I think I can do the job.

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2022-09-16  NSK

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