• July 9th, 2020

Industry Loop: Properly inform yours truly about your rebranding

I love how corporates who move into new office spaces still leave signage at the old offices for months informing clients that they moved to a new place. Its common sense isn’t it? It does not even cost you an arm and a leg. 
You simply engage your landlord and find common ground to allow you to leave signage notifying customers for at least six months. In some cases, it may even be longer than six months.  Which is great really. Why can’t we learn from corporates my dzear? 

Why can we not emulate some of the business principles and make it our own?  At the turn of the New Year I met two entertainers who when I addressed them on the stage name that I and thousands of people around the country are accustomed to, literally lost their temper with me. I was honestly confused as to what was going on. I could not understand their reaction. I thought perhaps it is something that I said on this platform that angered them and when they finally got the chance to see me, they decided to settle the score. 

Nevertheless, to my surprise they quickly moved to correct me and helped me with their new stage names. You know what my first question was right after that. Whom did you tell that you changed your stage names? Their response? “We put it on Facebook mos!” 

Imagine if corporates relied on one Facebook post to inform their loyal clients that they had changed offices? Imagine if corporates did not leave signage behind at their old offices informing clients of a change of office space? It would be disastrous!

Why do entertainers think (or lack thereof) that they are immune to this principle? I asked a fair question…kutcha whom did you tell that you changed your name. 

A Facebook post? Really? Facebook post #SouljaBoyVoice. Firstly, the way Facebook algorithm is set up, not all of your friends will see your posts. Secondly, what about your fans those that are not friends with you on Facebook? Lastly what about the media? Have you informed the media that you have changed your identity? 

Allow me to add a bonus point, how about your existing clients? People who booked you in 2018 (who may not necessarily be your friends on FB)…have you informed them?  You need to understand that changing your identity requires a whole P.R exercise. It requires a strategy. A Facebook post simply does not cut it! 

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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