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Industry loop -  Public figures vs news 

2020-05-08  Staff Reporter

Industry loop -  Public figures vs news 
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 hate the hypocrisy in this country! I said it before and I will say it again... this “drink your water and mind your business” is sommer straight nonsense! What pisses me off the most is that people in this country use it selectively. Why do we, as people, have different standards for mirrored scenarios transpiring internationally?

 Entertainers are public figures. Certain realities come with being an entertainer. Because you are a public figure, your life becomes a public subject hence why entertainers will ALWAYS be news! 

That’s how it has been since BC and that’s how it will always be. There’s nothing you or the person next to you will ever be able to do to alter this reality. Attempting to alter this balance of life would be wanting to defy gravity on planet earth! What about this do you not understand? 
News of Sunny Boy’s alleged infidelity IS NEWS! King Tee Dee’s arrest for allegedly driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol IS NEWS! Jossy Joss quitting Eagle FM and calling out his former long-time radio mentor and boss John Walenga for allegedly withholding his salary IS NEWS! Robyn Nakaambo “Ruby The Dime” opening a case of defamation against people for allegedly cyberbullying her on Twitter IS NEWS! A listener flagging the Breakfast show on Shipi Fm for allegedly mocking the profession of teaching IS NEWS!

 I bet you if these same stories were about Eminem, Kanye West, Wendy Williams, Boity, AKA, Wizkid, etc. EVERYBODY would’ve been tweeting about it. Everybody would’ve shared and discussed it in groups on WhatsApp. Facebook posts, opinions and debates would’ve ensued! But the minute it hits home, we want to guilt-trip entertainment reporters into “drink your water and mind your business” comments? We want to guilt-trip entertainment reporters into “how is this news?” comments.

 Entertainers themselves also do not seem to understand they ARE NEWS! Entertainers want entertainment reporters to solely focus on the “nice things”. A journalist does not need to be “nice”! A journalist needs to be FACTUAL! Whether it is “nice” news or bad news, it DOES NOT F**KING MATTER! The job of a journalist is to bring you the news – however nice or bad it may be! Why TF is this so hard to understand? If current affairs reporters were to focus solely on “nice things”, we wouldn’t have known about “Fishrot”, “Avid-SCC” and so many other realities that may not necessarily be “nice” but were critical to unearth the FACTS!

 Namibian entertainers b*tch about getting treated differently from internationals at shows and other engagements ALL THE DAMN TIME. If you want parallel treatment and prestige, then man the F’ up and understand the realities of your damn job! 
So, entertainment reporters, radio stations and TV, it is OK to report on Namibian entertainers. Whether it is nice or not, it is news and you will not be guilt-tripped by any f**king body! 
Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email
@naobebsekind (twitter)

2020-05-08  Staff Reporter

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