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Industry Loop - Research research research!!!

2021-09-10  Staff Reporter

Industry Loop - Research research research!!!
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Allow me to paint a picture for you: Kamati has been a fan of your music since he was in his teens. In his teens, Kamati’s set of problems were nailing his first kiss, doing well at school and making Zalie proud at church. Your music at the time spoke to Kamati because that is what your music was about.

Kamati has since graduated from school and has since moved to the big city for tertiary education. Kamati is in his adult teen years and is now an infamous heartbreaker living the life of a student. Can Kamati still relate to your music if it is still talking about him being in high school, chasing his first kiss and being a good boy at church?

You can’t continue to write material that was relevant to your market 10 years ago. Grow with your fan base. Do research. Research has been my chorus on this platform for years. If your message was high school for about a good five years, graduate re togoba and start talking about student life at university now. Do that for about a good five years and switch it up again to that of hustling for your first job after securing your first degree. That is the only way you will remain relevant in a cutthroat entertainment industry.

I’ve never been one to box writers in or limit creativity. And sticking to “what works” or been working for you is boxing yourself in! All I am saying is, do research and grow with your fans.

Your fans experience so much in this life thing...observe, do research and put that sh*t on a record! Find an artistic way of presenting what they are experiencing and present it to them.

Longevity is a direct result of what I am trying to get you to practice – RESEARCH! Why do you think many of our beloved old school entertainers are not relevant today? It is exactly because of not growing with your fan base. A veteran entertainer who has been doing it for more than 10 years, might pose the question and ask, “Jah, but the cycle of life still continues, what about the next generation that will be in high school? Can I not continue to present material for them?”

First of are OLD! Eeeuw!

Secondly, none of the younger generations want to see old men/women jump on stage with wrinkles. In that case, an old leadership fold comes into play. Sign a younger talent that will cater for that market. King Tee Dee x KP Illest. Gazza x DJ Shoza. Back then Oteya used to have LMPC and EES, X-Bantuans. I hope the picture is becoming a little clearer? Grow with your fan base.

But to do that, you will have to fork out on research and find modalities on how you will do that.


Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM                       

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2021-09-10  Staff Reporter

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