• July 14th, 2020

Industry Loop -  Seriously? 

I cannot for the life of me understand when people comment “mind your business” or “this is not news” on newspaper posts (articles) on Facebook. I mean...like seriously? Do we not know or understand what a news organisation is supposed to do? We’re 30 years deep and instead of being advanced, as a people, we somehow have become so unsophisticated and downright stupid! 

I can’t believe I’m dedicating a whole column to this! This is madness! But it has come to a point where I’m beyond annoyed. I’m bemused. I need to understand the basis of these uninformed comments. 
Or maybe, we should revert to basics. What’s a newspaper? According to the people with big brains...a newspaper is a printed publication consisting of folded unstapled sheets and containing news, articles, advertisements, and correspondence. In layman’s terms ...a newspaper is SUPPOSED TO MAKE IT THEIR BUSINESS TO PUBLISH NEWS!

Let’s go a bit further and define entertainment journalism. Entertainment journalism is any form of journalism that focuses on popular culture, which deals with information about the entertainment industry such as films, television shows, events, music, and fashion, among others. Ninety-nine percent of newspapers under the sun have an element of entertainment. Namibia included. Hence, why you would see entertainment stories published on Facebook by different newspaper organisations. What part of that don’t you understand? 

Also, because it’s a newspaper...the aim is to get you to purchase a copy and READ! Not read the headline on Facebook and assume the contents of the article. Newspaper organisations’ posting of snippets of stories on Facebook is but for you to keep up with the times. Even then...you still need to click on the link and read the full article online. 

The “mind your business” and “this is not news” comments are especially widespread on entertainment posts (articles) on Facebook. The entertainment business is a very public affair. From films, TV, events, music to fashion...it is all public. Leading figures in these spaces are public figures. Hence why newspapers...in this instance entertainment journalism will publish articles regarding these figures and their latest moves (negative or positive). Again, what part of this do you not get?!

The same people who comment “mind your business” and “this is not news” are the same people who follow the news regarding South African and American entertainment leading figures like religion. The same people who comment “mind your business” and “this is not news” are the same people who enjoy every news story about Bonang Matheba, Cardi B and Justin Bieber! Ano, what is the difference between a Namibian entertainment public figure and the rest of the world?! 

Which part of “public figure” do you not understand? Or is it because you don’t particularly like what was written about your fav? If that’s the case, challenge the merit of the news. What you don’t do is dismiss that it’s news or dare tell a whole organisation whose business is news...to minds its business. That’s just vacuous! I mean seriously now. 

We can’t be this rudimentary after 30 years of freedom. Use your damn brain and do not let propaganda cloud your intelligence. A whole column on this...seriously?! 

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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