• April 19th, 2019
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Industry loop: Stand in presenters


The whole point of a stand in presenter is to make sure the standard set by the original host does not dip. I’m talking radio now munene. The stand in presenter is to make sure all segments (especially sponsored segments) are kept alive at the designated times. The stand in presenter can never be expected to execute the abovementioned exactly the way the original host does it because each personality is unique in their own way. The stand in presenter should innovate and add their own zest but not to a point that it overshadows the standing segments. You must understand that the listenership have come to a point where they made the original host and the style thereof part of their lives. People adore a routine. A stand in presenter should avoid disturbing the listener routine. The stand in presenter cannot move around the segments. That would be disturbing listeners’ routine. Abuti John is used to preparing lunch boxes while listening to the sports update at that specific time every single day. If the stand in presenter comes in and moves the sports update to a later slot and runs with traffic update during the sports slot, he/she is most likely to cause confusion. The stand in presenter can never ever stand in with ill intentions. Ill intentions would be to sabotage the quality of the show. Ill intentions would be to want to take over the show permanently from the original host. Management must be proactive to spot these ill intentions and deal with them head on. If not, you are going to have tensions in the team and that is never good for the whole radio brand. One key factor in standing in for the original host is that you need to pay homage all the time. You cannot be presenting the show as if it is your own show. It’s not your show. You need to make it clear all the time whenever you go on air that you are only standing in for the original host. This helps keep the listener on that frequency with the hope that the original host will be back soonest. On the subject of managing listener expectations...management should step up and initiate jingles that butter up the listener. Through these jingles, let listeners know that the original host will be off from this time to such time. Let the listener know who will hold the fort. It really is just customer service. Put yourself in the listener’s shoes. Imagine switching on the radio to enjoy your favourite slot just to hear another voice who makes no effort to explain to you that he is just standing in. It’s insanely annoying. questions that usually come to mind are: a) what happened to the original host? b) how long will the original host be gone? c) or is this person now the new host?! You need to understand that the original host have fostered a relationship with the listener to such a point that even on a bad day, a listener can sympathise with the original host. That’s powerful. The transition between the original host and the stand in host must be managed with serious finesse. Otherwise the show will fall flat regardless of how great the stand in host is and the station will loose credibility. #gmtm Need a dj? book nsk at naobebsekind@gmail.com NSK provides sound & Dj services (weddings, corporate functions etc.). For bookings, email naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind (twitter)
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2018-03-29 12:34:41 1 years ago

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