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Industry Loop - Thank you Nasty C

2021-10-08  Staff Reporter

Industry Loop - Thank you Nasty C
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Literally two months ago, I wrote about how we, as Namibians, needed the Major League DJs to tell us that our own talent is ENOUGH! We needed the Major League DJz to realise how dom we are as people for not amplifying, celebrating and hyping our own content. If this flew past your head – unsurprisingly – the situation was… about two months ago, Major League DJz took it upon themselves to tell us to appreciate our own, as a result of recognising DJs Abux, Innocent and Soulking – the Namibian teen sensations who went viral after they remixed a pop banger... ‘It ain’t me’. 

Now, two months later, we needed Nasty C to prove to us again how dom we are as people for not amplifying, celebrating and hyping our own content. Like I said two months ago, the time for sugar coating issues in this industry passed a few light years ago. We are now at a stage where we just need to call a spade a spade, omes. 

Nasty C went on IG live and gave us a moerse scolding about how we are not hyping, amplifying and celebrating Emmanuel Rose! The lack of support and fan culture in this country is crazy! I’ve tried pinning it down to a few things, even terming it Mzansibola.Mzansibola is a disease that we as Namibians suffer from. Mzansibola is the habit of automatically assuming it’s better than ours in Namibia when hit with the phrase “all the way from South Africa”. 

That’s why you always hear the phrase “do we have celebrities in Namibia?” It’s honestly down to Mzansibola. Thank goodness for Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi, because before they got on the scene, we were close to thinking that we are gaabe South Africans ourselves. We consume their movies. We consume their music. We consume their content...religiously. Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi reminded us a little that we are NAMIBIANS. Nasty C had to do it as well. 

Do we like looking down on ourselves, hoeka, as a people? Is it one of those abusive relationships that we tend to like the hurt? Is this what this is? Come on man. I am livid that we needed the Major League DJs to tell us to support our own. I’m pissed that we needed Nasty C to tell us to amplify and hype our own. Ons is lyk soos **** to everyone around the continent and we do not even realise it. Will things change? I am hopeful and positive that this may be the start of a new journey where, in the long run, our people will come to realise they need to amplify, celebrate and hype their own. 

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM                       

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2021-10-08  Staff Reporter

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