• February 23rd, 2020

Industry Loop: The want syndrome!

Namibian musicians need to understand that radio presenters and journalists have bosses they report to. Every media house has procedures that are designed to measure and monitor work done by radio presenters and journalists.

Gone are the days where radio presenters and journalists could over emphasise selected Namibian musicians. It’s because of that era (of pushing only a handful of Namibian musicians) that these gatekeeping procedures have been put in place. This is to ensure an equal and fair distribution of space and airtime. So with that, come a number of industrial changes. This means over-emphasis on Namibian musicians is a thing of the past. Namibian radio has moved into a space where the focus is on content and not necessarily on music or musicians. 

The same could be said about journalists. When was the last time you read entertainment news and gossip about Namibian musicians in a newspaper? Apart from stories that focus solely on new releases or ventures, it is outdated. 

Notwithstanding that, journalists are now writing more about fashion, visual arts, etc. Other forms of entertainment and the arts is the order of the day. The want syndrome comes in the fact that Namibian musicians struggle with research. To a point where what I am saying now is news. It would not have been news had you done research. Research is a never ending. Therefore, to stay on top of the game, you need to keep doing research. What’s happening now is Namibian musicians want radio presenters to put an unhealthy emphasis on their music. Namibian musicians want journalists to be writing about their brand all the time. It is always what Namibian musicians want. 

What you need to understand is what Namibian musicians want is not necessarily what bosses need from their subordinates (radio presenters and journalists). A colleague of mine who is a journalist with one of the local newspapers once remarked to me that his boss once asked him “This artist that you like writing about all the time, has this artist ever placed an advert with us?” It struck a chord. 

Namibian musicians are never ready to support but always want support. Help with three names (Namibian musicians) that took out an advert in a newspaper and paid for it? I will wait. Radio and Newspaper bosses are not stupid. They are in these positions for a reason. They see these things. 

How do you want a radio presenter or journalist to selfishly push your music almost at the expense of their (radio presenter and journalists) own jobs? Namibian musicians get rid of the want syndrome. Radio and newspapers are businesses that are people centric. The sooner you understand that, the better you will crack the DaVinci code. 

Radio presenters and journalists were never in charge. Therefore, it will do you no good to want anything from them. Journalists have editors and radio presenters have studio/presenters’ managers. Make it easy for radio presenters and journalists to beam a spotlight on your work and music by tangibly reinvesting in your own craft with booking adverts, partnerships, etc.  

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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