• July 22nd, 2019
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Industry Loop: Value

I am a value for money seeking goat. I work very hard for the little I earn and so do you. So why should you not get value for your coins when you decide to indulge in a service or product? That’s the philosophy I plough into my work. I do not want anyone to splash thousands on my services and go home feeling they did not get their monies worth. I know how that feels because it has happened to me so many times. Where you either buy something and it just turns out to be manure or when you invest in a service and you are hit with that Namibian plague of lack of customer service. Hate it! So why would I or anyone I associate myself with do that to you? If I am one of the contracted entertainers at any event you are planning on attending…just know that Naobeb Se Kind will pull out all stops to make sure you made the right decision in coming to that event. That’s what every entertainer in this country should be saying! That’s the spirit and philosophy that every entertainer in this country should have. We already have a problem with Namibians wanting to negotiate something as small as a sweet down to the last cent but willing to spend thousands on trivial nonsense, no questions asked. So if you’re an entertainer you will need to change your mind set to a more productive one. What values you? It’s your product/service and your overall professionalism. You cannot do without one of the two. Don’t you dare quote anyone if you lack one of the two. You have no business asking to be paid if one of the two factors are missing. Nobody wants to work with an unprofessional cow! Not a single soul wants to be subjected to substandard nonsense. I mean put yourself in the end person’s shoes togoba. Would you like it if someone is unprofessional around your endeavours? Would you enjoy being subjected to substandard product/service? Than why do you do it to people that are going to put thousands of dollars in your pocket? Why would you subject consumers of your product/service to substandard work? No one wants their value minimised. But people will keep minimising your value if you keep providing substandard work with zero professionalism. Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”! Oldie of the week: Gazza - Natango NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind (twitter)
New Era Reporter
2018-02-23 11:41:42 1 years ago

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