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Industry loop - “Who is the best”....YAWN!

2021-06-04  Staff Reporter

Industry loop - “Who is the best”....YAWN!
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I always find it interesting when people have these “who is the best” debates. Interesting because the yardstick always seems to be of different make for everyone. I think what we will do with today’s conversation is to create a framework that can be used during these debates.  

First of Namibia “hardest bars” honestly don’t mean shxt! You can have the hardest bars but if you are not putting in the work and branding yourself, no one will notice you or care about your “hard bars”. Having the hardest bars should naturally be part of the framework...but the way Namibians are set up, your bars don’t mean jack! 

Secondly...”the internet is there for us” again means vok*l! The internet can only be there for you if people know and follow you religiously. Which rapper in this country can honestly sit back and say they are internet famous? Or reached crazy tangible numbers (cd sales, packed stadiums..etc) because of internet fame? Around the world...yes. That shxt happens everywhere EXCEPT Namibia. Again...the way Namibians are set up, your ka soundcloud and your ka youtube ain’t shxt  

Lastly, your friends can never be used as a measuring tool. Yes, have your team, your circle that pushes your all means. But your friends saying you the hardest...CANNOT and should not hold water during these debates. 

Again, because it’s Namibia...” hardest bars” won’t cut it. What will cut it though? The music. The overall product. If your overall sound ain’t polished, you cannot be part of the debate. That’s 1, 2nd...actual work. Saying “I’m putting in the work” is not the same as actually really putting in the work. What does “putting in the work” mean anyway?

It means the music is correct. It means your image is correct. It means your R&D is dynamic. It means your corporate game is correct. That’s 2. Rounding off the framework should be THE PEOPLE! Are people actually responding to your brand? Are people singing along to your music? Are people tweeting about you? Are people actively using your brand as a point of reference? You cannot be part of the “who is the best” conversation if you are falling short of that final requirement. Music (overall sound), work and people. The next time a debate comes up about who is the best...that’s the yardstick we all should use to measureUntil the next Loop, we say #GMTM

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2021-06-04  Staff Reporter

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