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Influencer aims to educate, entertainDiniz...films personal experiences to help others

2021-06-25  Strauss Lunyangwe

Influencer aims to educate, entertainDiniz...films personal experiences to help others
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YouTuber Rose Diniz de Moura wants people all over the world to experience her true self as she takes them along one YouTube video post at a time.

The 35-year-old mother of four decided to use her spare time wisely and in August 2018, started a YouTube channel that concentrates on lifestyle, beauty and travel. She hopes viewers find some interesting tips on how to choose specific destinations or products that may be useful for them.

De Moura tells VIBEZ! She does not have a targeted viewership, because she knew from the get-go that she wants to reach a broad audience in Africa and across the world.  “Currently, every topic of discussion on my channel comes from my personal experiences as I believe people will be able to relate more to personal experiences, even if it’s just one or two people, and authenticity is important for me,” she explained.

De Moura said another reason why she created the channel was to empower women, and now also incorporates different segments such as savings and sinking funds, planning content, supporting small businesses as well as vlogs and challenges.

When it comes to beauty tips, she normally purchases products and does research based on the product information provided. 

“I use the products for at least four weeks prior to providing my feedback and then I base that feedback on my personal experience with the product.”

She started doing her own makeup years ago and would watch YouTube tutorials that were titled ‘beginner friendly’, but found it would be far from that.

“I always wished someone would just do regular beginner-friendly tutorials, and I realised that what I deemed ‘regular beginner-friendly’ wasn’t the same for most beauty gurus, with good reason.  After a lot of thought and discussion with my husband, I finally started my channel in August 2018.”

The accounts manager by profession based at the coast said she receives good reviews and even criticism, which she takes in as constructive to deliver better content.

De Moura said her first couple of videos were filmed in their main bathroom, because that’s where the best lighting was at the time. 

“Then I moved to the bedroom and a friend told me they don’t wanna see my bed all the time, so then I placed my white handbag rack behind me and now I have a filming area.”

Her advice to others is: “Believe in yourself, because God already does. Pray in every and any situation, and always remember that your dreams are valid.”


2021-06-25  Strauss Lunyangwe

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