• April 26th, 2019
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Ingo growing fashion brand


Pinehas Nakaziko Local fashion designer, Ingo Shanyenge, is expanding his clothing brand.   In this regard he has been recently on a photo-shoot stint in the Capital of his latest menswear collection titled Royalty, under the theme Casual and Leasers. “Royalty is a ready to wear garments. It’s not a new collection as such, but more like a branch-off from ‘Royalty’ which was the collection I showcased end of last year at the Windhoek Fashion Week,” he says. He established his contemporary and Afrocentric clothing brand in 2013. “This is just one of the few Namibian fashion brands that caters for both men and women,” explains Ingo. His achievements in the fashion industry so far is showcasing his sophisticated and well-crafted garments at the Windhoek Fashion Week, Zimbabwe Fashion Week and Brighton Fashion Week in England for the past years. “My latest collection will be dropping at the beginning of March, in a week or two. I release the photo-shoot images online, so there won’t be a fashion show around this collection,” says Ingo. He says he creates something completely new by taking inspiration from things around him, environment or particular situation. “I would research the theme thereof and manipulate the raw research, for example, images of landscapes,” he says. His new collection focusses more on the current trend, which is “high wasted menswear trousers.” I added my touch to it by combining them with easy wear shirts.
New Era Reporter
2018-03-02 09:39:45 1 years ago

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