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InterCity paid option for travellers

2022-05-11  Staff Reporter

InterCity paid option for travellers
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Since InterCity was launched in 2018, the game-changing carpooling app has grown in leaps and bounds, recently adding a paid option for travellers.

With over 26 000 active members registered on the app, InterCity leverages technology to fill empty seats on the road by connecting members looking to carpool. 

InterCity, thus, makes travel more affordable, efficient and convenient for travellers, creating value for drivers and passengers through shared transport costs. 

These shared costs are even more relevant today, considering the continuous fuel price increases observed in recent months. 

Additional benefits of this modern transportation innovation include guaranteed convenience for travellers, who can access hassle-free transportation at the touch of a fingertip.

InterCity is Namibia’s leading mid and long-distance carpooling platform, a national, trusted community of thousands of drivers and passengers. 

Through a mobile application, the platform connects people looking to travel long distances with drivers heading the same way, so they can travel together and share the cost. 

Intercity aims to become the go-to marketplace for shared road mobility in Africa – affordable, convenient and user-friendly. 

Ndihole Kaulinge, a Windhoek resident, has used InterCity as a driver and passenger since 2019. 

She sums up her experience on both ends: “It’s easier than standing at the road, looking for a hike. As a driver, you get to save on petrol because of the customers who book you in advance. My personal experience with InterCity has been awesome. On two occasions, I was a passenger, and since I have a licence, the owner of the car asked me to take turns driving from Windhoek to the North. In the other one, the owner of the car didn’t know how to drive long distances, so I ended up driving from Windhoek to the North. We have been friends since then”.

Over the last four years, InterCity has facilitated over 30 000 trips for drivers and passengers like Ndihole on its platform – trips valued at over N$8 million. 

These numbers are indicative of Intercity’s value proposition and impact on the community. 

As the business continues to grow, and to ensure that the Intercity value proposition is sustained and enhanced, the company now offers a paid service. 

This means drivers and passengers making use of the InterCity application are now required to pay a small fee of N$20 per month or a mere N$100 yearly fee.

With the introduction of the payment option, InterCity aims to improve its quality of service and safety on its platform, and accelerate research and development of InterCity products and services. 

“We would like to thank our members for choosing InterCity for their travel and logistics needs over the years. We are confident that we will continue delivering value to them through our services”, InterCity managing director Herobiam Heita said.

For InterCity, the dream is to see their community to continue growing and embracing the spirit of Ubuntu. 

After all, a journey of a thousand miles always begins with InterCity.

2022-05-11  Staff Reporter

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