• July 6th, 2020

Interior and decor - Kitchen tips

This week we are floating in exciting energy because we are sharing rules of my second (if not first) favourite rooms in the house. Do not waste time and energy trying to save money when designing your kitchen, you may need a touch of my magical hands to help translate your dream kitchen on a budget. Kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. One of the greatest authors says “The kitchen is where the senses are piqued, where recipes are invented and where family comes together”. Indeed, it is where some of the most essential activities such as eating, socializing and drinking take place and these are some of the rules to conquer when designing your kitchen. 

1. Kitchen Layout 
Most of us are really ignorant on the kitchen set-up, what matters to most is a place that has a stove, fridge and a microwave. Have you heard of a kitchen triangle or linear layout before? If not, here is free education to enlighten you. Kitchen triangle layout connects the sink, cooktop and refrigerator whereas a linear layout has everything lined on the wall. 

2. Lighting 
This room needs more lighting in the house because it has more sharp tools and knives that could hamper the safety of users. Good lighting is also needed for cooking and cleaning the space. Nonetheless, when choosing your lights, try to drift from the basic while keeping it simple to make enough of a statement. Make use of some well-designed pendant lights and/or some fun overhead fixture. Your choice of kitchen lighting should however not limit you from going over the top if you so wish. You may as well glam it up with some chandelier and live a fancy life. Remember, it is your space. 

3. Flooring Changing 
Just like choosing kitchen flooring is quite hectic and it is not as easy as it seems. Example, glossy tiles may seem beautiful but it is easy to slip. Kitchen rugs are a no-no for me but if it works for you, make sure they are stable and sticks on the floor. Most importantly, make sure you choose a flooring material that is easy to care for. 

4. Storage Space 
Besides it being one of the smallest rooms in the house, the kitchen typically contains a lot of stuff that needs to be concealed behind cabinets to make it appear neat and ordered. If you have a small kitchen, make sure install cabinets over your fridge to create more storage space. Let us not forget to place children’s dishes and snack food on shelves they can reach.

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