• July 7th, 2020

Invasion Wellness hosts first health and fitness expo

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - The DTS Stadium in Olympia was crowded with over 300 fitness and health enthusiasts over the weekend who thronged the first ever health and wellness support event.
 Organisers smiled from ear to ear at the enthusiasm displayed by the multitudes of fitness and health devotees.

The goal of the expo was to invite the public and show them what is available in terms of health and wellness support. 

Wellness includes looking after your spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological needs. It also includes managing your finances, being safe on the road, eating well, reducing stress and being active.
Diedre Kwenani, one of the organisers alongside Hileni Phillips said wellness is everything. 

“If you don’t feel well, you cannot do or be your best. We want everyone to experience the joy of being well, therefore, events like this are crucial! When we know better, we do better, but often we do not know how to be well, and that’s why finding support is imperative,” she said.

Kwenani mentioned that there is a plethora of support in Namibia and this event was designed to assist people in their journey to wellness. “I believe we planted some seeds at the event, but we look forward to seeing the growth and affecting change in the wellness realm bit by bit,” she said.

Under the slogan, Your Health is your greatest wealth, the organisers emphasised on the importance of society to have good health. “Many people need support to be their happiest, healthiest selves. Even though we have so many great health and wellness resources in Namibia, many people do not know about them,” added Kwenani.

The expo was hosted by all-rounder presenters and MCs Uejaa Kazondunge and Adriano Visagie. 
What specifically caught the spectators are the several mental health sessions, which included topics on self-esteem, addiction, anxiety, forgiveness, children, and relationships. One of the activities the audience enjoyed the most was the fitness demonstration, which included boot camp, yoga, Zumba and ACRO. 

The goal of fitness demonstrations was to allow people to try different types of exercises. “Not all types of fitness are right for your body and your goals, therefore, it is nice to be able to try different modalities to see which suits you.” The audience, both young and old, participated in the fitness demonstrations.

The aim was to introduce the public to all of the health and wellness products, services and resources that are available in Namibia. The expo was aimed at shedding some light on professionals who provide great health and wellness services. The organisers wanted to include those from all areas of wellness, which is quite broad and they therefore invited service providers from all of those areas to come and exhibit their products, services, and resources.

Professionals and companies from a variety of wellness sectors, including two companies from the mental health sector - Let’s Talk Psychologists and Bel Esprit, NamBTS who were testing people’s blood types, the Breast Milk Bank of Namibia, supplement providers, skin and body care products, massage therapists, diabetes educators, wound care representatives and many more. 

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