• February 26th, 2020

Iron Lady Promotions still a force to be reckoned with – Tjombe …female boxer Tjauha readies for Zim fight

Maurice Kambukwe

WINDHOEK- Namibia’s female boxing promoter Anita Tjombe, who owns the Iron Lady Promotions, says her protracted indolence on the local boxing scene should not be mistaken for dimness, as her promotion is still well alive and relevant.

In a recent interview with New Era Sport, Tjombe who remains Namibia’s only recognisable female boxing promoter, said despite her tireless efforts and well-tailored programmes aimed at uplifting young female boxers at her stable – lack of financial muscles remain her biggest stumbling block.
Tjombe, an outspoken boxing fanatic in her own right, established the Iron Lady Promotions back in 2011 and by 2012, the Promotion became an active participant in the affairs of local boxing, especially setting the tone for would-be young female boxers and trainers.

The continuous lack of sponsors and unending politics that have engulfed Namibian boxing over the years, has seen Tjombe somewhat struggle to curve herself a place in the male-dominated local scene and many a time labeled troublesome for her outspokenness. 

But she remains unfazed and still believes Iron Lady Promotions is well on course to realise her dreams of becoming Namibia’s epicenter for female and male young boxers that are eager to conquer the world.
She informed New Era Sport that one of her Promotions prized asset, female boxer Martina Tjauha, will soon embark on a journey to Zimbabwe, where she will square off with a yet-to-be announced opponent next month.

  Tjauha, who by far is Namibia’s active female pugilist, currently has two fights under her belt but her entrance on the international arena has not been smooth sailing as she lost both fights against Zimbabwean opponents Revai Madondo and Zvikomborero Danzwa last year.
Tjauha breakthrough as a female boxer is also hampered by the Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWCB) outdated Boxing Act of 1980, which prohibits female boxers to fight as professionals.

Due to the outdated Boxing Act of Namibia, which the NPBWCB has over the years promised to update and invigorate but nothing has been forthcoming to date, Tjauha received her professional boxing licence from the Zimbabwe National Boxing Control Board last year and has since been fighting under the auspices of the Zimbabwean boxing authority.

“We are still around, Iron Lady Promotions was recently part of a boxing event at Wanderers where one of our boxer fought against an opponent from Kinda Promotions. Despite the silence, our stable is out here doing things and we have been busy working on few logistics, such as the Martina fight I told you about. But I’ll host a press conference on the 15th of this month [July] before I leave for Zimbabwe with Martina,” said Tjombe, who was once the right hand lady of Namibian boxing great Harry Simon.

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