• November 18th, 2018
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IUM determined to produce quality graduates

Education, Front Page News
Education, Front Page News

Selma Ikela Windhoek-Founder of the International University of Management (IUM) that has become a beacon for academic excellence, Dr David Namwandi, said the privately owned university is determined to produce sought-after graduates who will enhance the university’s reputation by their output. Namwandi, who spoke at the university’s 13th graduation on Friday, said to date they have produced not less than 14 000 graduates with some taking up positions in both the public and private sectors while others ahve created work for themselves and for others. At Friday’s ceremony, over 2 500 students graduated in various programmes. “While it is of utmost importance to train our graduates for the current job market, the university equally puts a strong emphasis on 21st century training (50 years and beyond). “Given its uniqueness, IUM is determined to make a difference by producing sought-after graduates, who will enhance the university’s reputation by their output,” he remarked. Namwandi stated that while this year witnessed great strides in terms of curriculum development, the inclusion of entrepreneurship in all their programmes should be highlighted. Namwandi added that despite adversaries and the economic downturn, the university has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. Namwandi said they owe this trend to people who have bestowed trust in their dedicated team of lecturers, professors and management. “We owe this trend to past and present students, who chose to experience IUM for themselves and not give in to misinformation which is normally circulated by people who have never set foot at the gates of our campuses. Thank God that these students tried and tested IUM for themselves and today they have emerged winners,” stated Namwandi. Also speaking at the event was Founding President Dr Sam Nujoma who called on business to invest and to involve themselves in Namibia’s education not as an option but as an integral part of their corporate and social responsibility. Such investments, Nujoma said, will pay back manifold and when they look back they will be proud of what they have achieved. Nujoma also stated that he is somewhat disheartened that there are still some Namibians today who do not appreciate patriotic efforts such as the establishment of IUM. He said IUM does not only train Namibians but also provides employment to hundreds of Namibians. “This is laudable and should be appreciated by all of us. I therefore want to urge all Namibians citizens to support and encourage patriotic efforts of our people and to assist when and wherever needed,” stated the founding father. Nujoma congratulated IUM, which started with only one student and a meagre budget of N$500, for having grown to a population of around 10 000 students and six campuses nationwide. He said IUM is also impacting over 18 countries outside Namibia. Nujoma also thanked Namwandi for taking up the challenge in 2002 through his invitation to private sector to join hands with government to make Namibia an education-driven and knowledge-based economy.
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