• July 4th, 2020

IUM Nkurenkuru campus opens 2020 academic year

Elizabeth Hiyolwa

NKURENKURU – Professor David Namwandi the founder of Namibia’s largest privately-owned institution of higher learning, the International University of Management (IUM), on Tuesday officiated at the opening of its 2020 academic year at Nkurenkuru campus in Kavango West.

The Cyprus Institute of Marketing (Global University) last November conferred professorship on Namwandi, the enterprising Namibian academic-cum-businessman.

IUM campus at Nkurenkuru that boasts over 1100 students offers degree courses in tourism, marketing, finance, education, tourism among several others.

At the event marked by pomp and ceremony Namwandi, who chairs the IUM Governing Council, noted that infrastructure at the Nkurenkuru campus was specifically developed to cater for the community of Kavango West and beyond.

He encouraged stakeholders to make use of the facilities instead of students from the region registering in Windhoek for the same courses that are provided at the Nkurenkuru campus.

He said the campus eases the financial burden for the parents, who would have to fork out thousands for the extra expenses connected to Windhoek, which can be avoided if students from the region choose the Nkurenkuru campus.

He reminded students that the institution is dedicated to transforming them into capable, innovative leaders, by ensuring that they acquire world-class skills.

“IUM is determined to provide 21st century skills equipping you fully as future entrepreneurs and innovators. We don’t only train you to become teachers or managers of today, but to become self-sustained personnel who will go out there and create wealth and work for others. You are being transformed to go and transform others,” he said. 

Dr Naftal Ngalangi, the campus director, reminded the staff that they are foot soldiers deployed by the university to ensure that its virtues and values are upheld. 

“It’s our duty to prepare our graduates to meet the highest tests of knowledgeable citizens, and to liberate each student’s fullest intellectual and human potential to assist in the unfolding of creative and useful lives. We have a duty at hand and this task started as early as yesterday,” said Ngalangi.

He further encouraged the students to make use of the opportunity to explore new talents and to embrace diversity by engaging with other students from different backgrounds to enrich their educational experiences. 

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2020-03-12 08:23:51 | 3 months ago

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