• August 4th, 2020

Jewellery and artefact competition calls on local designers

Staff Reporter WINDHOEK - A contest of jewellery and artefacts made in Namibia with the theme “Namibian FairGems Jewellery & Artefacts” will be held by the Namibian Coloured Gemstone Industry Sector. The ten best jewellery and artefact pieces will be rewarded with a monetary prize, with the overall winner taking away N$5,000. The ten best pieces will also become part of a “Namibian FairGems Jewellery & Artefacts selection” distribution line which will be marketed and promoted to potential tourist centre outlets in the country. The competition was launched in July 2018 and invites any jewellery and artefact designer, including art students at secondary and tertiary levels, artisans, hobbyists, manufacturers and goldsmiths in Namibia to participate. The number of entries is limited to three finished pieces of manufactured artefacts or jewellery covering any of the themes with a selling value between N$300 and N$3,000 per individual entrant. The deadline for finished pieces, together with the competition entry form, is September 17, 2018. The competition is aimed at promoting the value chain of Namibian gems and minerals, thus the jewellery and artefact pieces must include gemstones mined in Namibia and preferably cut and polished in the country. Designers are encouraged to create pieces for women and men. There will be three themes, namely Bohemian Jewellery and Artefacts, Tribal Jewellery and Artefacts and Modern Jewellery and Artefacts. The winners of the competition will be judged by the public at the Gallery of the Namibian Franco Cultural Centre (FNCC) from September 25 to 27. The ten best entries are to be announced on September 27 at the FNCC. Members of the public are invited to judge the competition pieces and all judging will enter a lucky draw with the first prize being a Namibian mined and polished gemstone.
New Era Reporter
2018-07-19 09:40:28 | 2 years ago

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