• August 13th, 2020

Jomolizo releases latest offering

Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek-The festive season is fast approaching, and this also time for good music, one cannot go wrong with Jomolizo’s latest offering. Real name Alweendo Moses, Jomolizo is not new to the industry, and his music has been ruling the roost on the airwaves for the past two years. Apart from dominating the music industry with his first album, Kaandjetu, released end 2015, the artist has just released his latest album, Epata Lange, which he says caters for everyone. Jomolizo earlier this year teamed up with one of the biggest music promoters, owner of the Deal Done Records, Dragan ‘Antonio’ Bozidar Dzokic. The 12-track album contains hit songs such as Oufila Vatika featuring local songstress, Tequila, and My Time, La Davida, and Kumininenge, featuring Afro-Pop singer Shitana. The Kumininenge was first released as a single three weeks ago, and it has been enjoying massive airplay on local radio stations, reaching the top Ten charts, especially on Energy 100 FM. The song has also been on the local top 20 competition on Shipi FM for the past weeks. Describing his music as traditional infused with dancehall and Afro-Pop, Jomolizo is self-assured that his music appeals to a wide range of people with the messages in his songs drawing many to listen to his work. Epata Lange, meaning ‘my family’, is dedicated to his fans for always being behind his music ever since he entered the music industry. The song Kumininenge (Help Me) is the highlight on the album. The message on the song is to help one another, and to protect each other in difficult times, because no one knows what the future holds. They are planning to shoot a video of the song in South Africa this month. The album is produced by some of the biggest producers in the country, Glo and Arafat. Jomolizo started music in 2009 as a producer. His talent was discovered by his sister who encouraged him to try out singing. He recorded his first single, Sisiwami, which was taken well by the public.   Ever since Jomolizo has been singing non-stop.
New Era Reporter
2017-11-10 10:52:33 | 2 years ago

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