• July 4th, 2020

Journalist establishes marketing firm for artists

WINDHOEK- With eight years of experience in the mainstream media, a former New Era entertainment journalist took the bold step of starting his own media agency aimed at, among others, promoting artists, young entrepreneurs, and corporates. 
Pinehas Nakaziko recently launched Versatile Media Agency, a registered public relations, marketing, management and advertising agency. 

“With our PR agency, we work with clients including artists, models, young entrepreneurs, SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and corporates to create content, from press releases, articles, research, newsletters, case studies, and blog posts. With this content, our agency will target media or bloggers by pitching them and offering information for a story,” said Nakaziko at the launch of Versatile Media Agency last week Friday. 

The company “also aims to create employment for the youth on the streets by offering internships”, said Nakaziko. 
“Versatile Media Agency is also merging into the advertising and publishing industries with the company’s first publication, Youth Diversity Magazine, focusing more on providing young entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises with different exposure,” Nakaziko revealed at the launch. 

The founder of Poiyah Media, Ilke Platt, who is also Nakaziko’s mentor, was the keynote speaker at the launch of Versatile Media Agency. She had words of encouragement for Nakaziko. 

Platt told Nakaziko and the audience that public relations and marketing industries are only as good as the relationships they have with the media. 

“You should not jump boat when you’re comfortable and everything is working for you because when you wait for that moment you will wait till you’re 60 years old. You will wait when it’s too late,” Platt said, adding that starting a business takes faith.  After the launch, the real work begins and the reality of paying bills while maintaining a business kicks in, said Platt. She maintained that the business can only be sustained through hard work and maintaining relationships.  After formal speeches, Miss Rose and ML treated the invited guests and audience to performances. 

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