• June 5th, 2020

Jr’s Five ‘19 heats Red Bull Neymar’s cup in the capital

WINDHOEK – The second edition of the national qualifier of the Red Bull Neymar JR’s Five took place in Windhoek on Saturday, with 32 teams battling it out for the top 6 spots going through to the final. 

The day was filled with fast-paced football where the Namibian youth showcased their talent and love for the sport. The 32 teams went head to head in the group stages, filtering out the top teams to proceed to the knock out stages. 

The tournament heated up during the knockout stages as the teams fought for their slot at the national final. Cabassango FC was titled the winner of the Windhoek Qualifier after a 1:0 win against Cinco Amigos. 

Project Manager, Paulo Coelho, said: “We have seen amazing football talent at both the Oshakati and Windhoek Qualifier. We are now looking forward to seeing what the coast has in store for next weekend’s qualifier.’’

The top six teams of the day secured their position for the national finals where they will have the opportunity to claim their title as the National Champions paving their way to the World Final in Brazil. National finals take place on the 27th of April at the FIFA for Hope Stadium in Windhoek.

The World finals are set to take place in July 2019 in Brazil where teams from all around the world will have the opportunity to battle it out for the World Champion title as well as the opportunity to play against Neymar Jr himself. 
Thanks to the partners Snickers, Fresh FM, GIZ, FLI, Shoprite and NBC, Red Bull has been able to put this tournament together as a platform for the Namibian youth to showcase their football talent. 

The last qualifier kicks off on Saturday, 20th of April in Swakopmund at the SFC fields.
Windhoek Teams going through to final are: 
Cabassango FC
Cinco Amigos
Vrrr Phaaa NA
Kings Empire
Heat FC
Supreme Squad
The winner will represent Windhoek at the National Final on the 27th of April in Windhoek where they will go head to head against the top teams from the coast and Oshakati. To apply: email us on namibia@redbullneymarjrsfive.com or call us on 081 7788500. 

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